Our Last Summer Adventure; Goodbye, Pensacola!

I have been an emotional mess lately. I cried last week driving home from running errands because I was hungry for lunch. The crazy Summer heat is making my already wacky pregnancy hormones go into overdrive! For the last few weeks I've been looking forward to meeting up with my parents in Pensacola to attend a Blue Wahoo's baseball game. It was a belated Fathers Day present to my Dad and I knew it would be my farewell trip to the city I called home for 7 years.

On Friday, the day before the game, I found myself getting overly emotional thinking that I might never see Pensacola again. I never really loved the place when I lived there, but I didn't realize until I left it how big of a spot it would hold in my heart. I became an adult in Pensacola. I had wonderful, amazing, stressful, and challenging times there. I started off living in one of the worst parts of Pensacola (West side off of Fairfield) when I transferred to the University of West Florida as a Junior. I eventually got my Bachelors degree, moved closer to UWF to live on my own (sans roommates) for the first time to attend graduate school. I earned my MA, began working as an academic advisor at Pensacola State College, started teaching psychology courses there and at my alma mater, UWF, and eventually moved into one of the best neighborhoods in Pensacola, East Hill.

I lived in a small 490 sq ft studio apartment and loved every minute of it. I moved to Pensacola in 2007 overweight and a chain smoker, and I left it a 3x marathoner and semi-health nut.

All this to say - I'm really going to miss this beach town.

On Saturday I woke up early to get a long walk in before hitting the road. Big mistake, as I'd find out later that night after my feet started swelling for the first time this pregnancy. We did a bit of shopping in Pensacola before meeting up with my parents at Jason's Deli. After enjoying their free ice cream we headed down to the baseball game. Aweekend4

True to pregnancy stereotypes I cannot go anywhere without bringing snacks with me now! I knew we'd get popcorn or nachos from the concession stand, but I still wanted something more filling to have on hand during the day for when pregnancy induced hunger rage set it. I brought the low sodium ones with me (they also sent me a can of Roasted Salted Almonds that I ate in two days.) Aweekend5

Despite it being in the mid-90's yesterday I didn't totally melt in the sun. I'm scared how acclimated I've become to the hot weather. Travis is convinced I'm going to just go into a coma in the Alaskan winters.

Aweekend1Ha. I just realized I have water spots on my shirt in the photo above. 

Me and Pops. Mom never gets in any photos but she looked adorable yesterday. Aweekend2

Snack.Snack.Snack.Aweekend3I always wanted to bring Travis to a Blue Wahoos game but we never got around to it when I lived here. I'm so glad his first game was such a great one! We won and there were some amazing plays by both teams. Every Saturday game they end with fireworks so there was a fun 5 minute firework show after the game. Travis had to fly the night of the firework show here so we were both pretty bummed about missing it, but this helped make up for it. We didn't get home until after midnight which is pretty much the latest I've stayed out in a year. So much party.

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How was your weekend? What's your favorite sport to watch in person? I can't wait to go to more hockey games in Alaska!