Out with the old

It's Sunday night and I am more exhausted at this moment than I have been in a very long time. This entire weekend was a blur of shopping, cleaning and organizing. I love it! I started off Saturday with an incredible 4 mile walk. The air was crisp and cool and I actually had to wear 3 layers and gloves!

Isn't that photo incredible? I took it easy on Saturday in terms of exercising since my legs were killing me after that 5k on Friday. Shortly after I got home Mom came over and we went out to start hunting for items to restock my place with. A word of advice ladies, don't ever get rid of anything you may need in the future (televisions, appliances, art...) unless your married or independently wealthy. Not that I mind an excuse to shop :)

We picked up some bookshelves on sale at Target and some incredible art at Hobby Lobby. I headed out early Sunday so the movers could come and haul his stuff out and I could do some laundry and clean my car at my parents house. I brought my favorite Booty Barre DVD with me to workout there and grabbed some random yummies from Fresh Market in Destin for lunch. The other pic is just one I snapped of Salem this weekend while I was trying to read. He makes it hard to concentrate with his sexy face all up in my business.

When I got back home Sunday I had a mile long to-do list. I put together the bookshelves and came to the epiphany that one of my goals in life is to afford furniture that doesn't have to be assembled! The only room in the house that really changed was the bedroom - here is the pitiful state it was in before:

Here's my gorgeous, peaceful, new decor!

I cannot be happier with how cheerful and colorful it all is. The bird art I got at Hobby Lobby half off so all 3 pieces were $80! The flower stems are also from Hobby Lobby and the big eyed owl is from Old Time Pottery.

My next project is going to be to make some sort of headboard. I have this huge empty space above the bed now that would be perfect for something. I also have a few embroidery ideas I'd like to whip up over the next few weeks to frame and hang in there. Go figure I have this sudden passion to get way back into crafting ;)

Do any of you have a craft your passionate about? I've tried to learn to knit/crochet but I'm all thumbs. I also can't paint or draw to save my life. All of my drawings of people come out as stick figures with grossly exaggerated anatomical parts.