Pensacola Humane Society

While at work yesterday I started to check my bank account balance hourly to see if the funds you all donated to my marathon charity had been deposited. Right after lunch I saw that they were, so I got the okay from my  boss to leave a little early so I could swing by the Pensacola Humane Society and drop off the donation before class that night.

I'm shocked I didn't bring home all the pets.

The director, Sarah, was kind enough to give me a tour of the facility. We started off in the adult cat room where I immediately fell in love with a big black cat named Chad. He's not in the picture since most of the cats immediately ran to our feet when we walked in. They are all so sociable and friendly!

humaneNext up it was the kitten room! Kittens and puppies are typically adopted out within a few days of intake. Adult cat average a month at the facility before they find permanent families. Adult dogs take about 1-2 months. Of course black cats and dogs are usually the hardest to find homes for.

humane2Each animal costs the Humane Society about $500 from intake to adoption.  I think it's a small price to pay to save an animals life! They can handle 65 pets at a time, and whenever they have room (which isn't often) they will work with the county animal shelter to take in some of their pets who are on death row.

humane3One of the sweetest fur people I met was this guy named Romeo. He was so friendly! I think he and Salem could become bff's.  humane4Unfortunately, sometimes pets do get returned to the shelter. This poor pup was just returned that morning and was one of the only animals not to come up and greet me as we walked by. It broke my little heart! I swear you could see sadness in his eyes, like he was thinking "aww man, I'm back here again?" I told him to keep his spirits up and that everything happens for a reason! A new family will come along any day to give him a wonderful life.


On my way out we stopped by some playpens they had set up in the front yard that were full of puppies. The adorableness of this puppy and kitten cuddling together is almost to much to handle. Look at that snotty  little nose and the kittens jacket!

humane5I've been in some shelters that left much to be desired. I was pleasantly surprised with how clean their facility was, how friendly all of the volunteers were, and how the animals were clearly well taken care of. I'm going to try to find a way to carve some time out to volunteer there. I know I'm already stretched pretty thin, but I genuinely feel compelled to give back.humane6 When they kept thanking me for the donation I felt awkward accepting their gratitude. I genuinely don't feel like I did anything - it was all you who donated. So, thank you. You gave me motivation to keep running, and the experience of being able to help our our local shelter is one I will never forget. I am indebted to you all.

Every town should have a local animal shelter. Please consider donating some of your time or money! Or better yet - give a deserving animal a second chance at a happy ending.