Pensacola Marathon (& Wedding Sneak Peek!)

I can't believe this weekend actually happened. The wedding and reception were perfect, and Travis and I finished the marathon together hand-in-hand! I'm going to focus mostly on the marathon today, but tomorrow I'll share the wedding recap and when I get the professional photos back next week I'll share those as well. Travis and I managed to get an impressive 6ish hours of sleep between the reception and the marathon. To be honest we were both very concerned that we may not be able to finish. Aside from one month of pretty hardcore training with the Hanson method in August my training has been sporadic at best. Combined that with the hip/knee issues I developed two weeks ago I was fully prepared to turn at the 6 mile mark and follow the half-marathon route the rest of the time. My longest run in training was only 15 miles! Travis also hadn't trained much at all with most of his weeks being only ONE run (a long run with me on the weekends) because of how little free time he has in flight school. His knee was bothering him as well so we both went into it with zero time expectations and just really wanted to finish together.

We headed to the race around 5:45. a bit tired but excited to see what would happen on the course!

2014-11-09 05.46.50

We caught up with his Mom and Grandma before the race, and I was able to see quite a few friends at the start line. We kept getting congratulations before, during, and after the race by people which made the day so much more special!2014-11-09 06.08.48His Grandma had the greatest sign. She said at one point people were throwing candy at her!MarathonAs for the race organization it was flawless just like last year. Great aid stations, post-race food, and course. For our run we decided to start out with an 11 minute pace knowing it would likely slow down toward the end. We were able to keep that up until about mile 18/19 when we started to slow down a bit, but I am so much more proud of the fact that we didn't walk AT ALL until mile 23.5!

Having Travis there by my side was a huge motivator. I've never run a race with someone before and it was such a gift to be able to share this with him. He even carried my water bottle for me (along with his and both our phones) for the second half of the race! He kept pushing me to stay running no matter how slow I needed to go to make that happen. Eventually, the dull pain in his knee turned into a sharp pain so we walked from 23.5 to about 25.8. Honestly, by the time we started to walk our pace was 14 minutes and when walking we kept it to 17 so we only added an extra 7-8 minutes and it was SO much more fun just walking and talking with people.

As we approached the finish line I told Travis to soak it all in because the first finish is always such a blur! As we were making our way down the final runway we heard the announcer come on and say something along the lines of, "and now we have two very special runners approaching the finish line. Newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Travis ****, just married yesterday!" Travis and I were floored! His family said the crowd cheered louder for us than anyone else!

2014-11-09 11.57.33-1Our unofficial finish time is 5:15. Thirty minutes slower than my time last year but 100x more special!

I am FAR more sore after this marathon than my other two and I know it's because I didn't train at all. My knee is a bit sore so I'll probably go on a VERY slow shake out run Tuesday and not even attempt running again until Sunday. As soon as we got home I dealt with some blisters, took some advil & Vega recovery, foam rolled and posted up in bed with compression socks and ice on my knees.

After Travis and Salem napped we decided to finish off the rest of our wedding cake in bed. This has been the best honeymoon ever. 2014-11-09 14.36.06Finally, here are some of the preview photos our photographer (Jessica from Born Beautiful Photography) sent us. I LOVE how they turned out and cannot wait to see the rest!

2014-11-09 13.25.35

Wedding1Thank you all so much for your kind comments on here and well wishes on facebook & twitter. I wish I could respond to everyone individually but trust me when I say I read every single one and it means so much to me that I can share this happy weekend with all of you!