Pensacola's Bay Bluff Parks

Also referred to as "sexual deviants" alley. I've lived in Pensacola since 2007 and, up until this past Friday night, had not had the pleasure of visiting Bay Bluffs Park just off of Scenic Highway. With nothing else on our agenda for the evening Matt and I decided to pick up a quick dinner from Apple Market and go walk it off outside somewhere.

Apple Market was picked for the evenings cuisine as it's (1) healthy and (2) always delicious. Matt had the Bang Bang shrimp with Cesar pasta side and I went with a small chef salad and this incredible corn + green onion side.

After devouring our food we headed out to the park.

With an adorable sign at the entrance - this can't be to bad, right? The park has a history of catering to the underbelly of Pensacola's population. A few years ago there was a body found and just last year the principal of a local middle school was arrested after exposing himself and engaging in other deviant behavior in the park in front of an undercover cop. I knew of all this history so was understandably hesitant but Matt had gone before and assured me it was not as bad as people anticipate it to be.

We arrived at the trail around 6 p.m. and there were a few cars parked at the trails entrance. Matt stopped to take some pictures of me and I, as usual, screwed them up!

We headed down the stairs (and this trail is full of stairs) and saw a well defined path off the boardwalk into the woods. Within one minute of being off the main trail we came across a 30-something year old man, dressed as a woman (badly) who looked quite shocked to see us.

Really, your surprised to see us?

I presume we interrupted something since another man ran off in the opposite direction and the individual who stayed hurriedly picked up some things, threw them in a backpack and scurried past us.

Matt tried to be cordial and offered a "hey, how's it going?" and said person did not respond. From that point on I was in "GTFO" mode. We walked the trail for about 15 more minutes but I was paranoid we'd come across some other person/activity that would inspire me to go home and wash my eyeballs. Now, don't get me wrong, do whatever makes you happy and there is zero judgement here - but maybe try doing it in a more secluded area?

We came across this quote:

"Nothing wears a more deceptive face than a corrupt religion in which the divine will acts as a screen for crimes"

The rest of the walk we coughed loudly before making any sharp turns to warn others of our presence. I was also afraid of making any wild hand gestures since I could inadvertently be signaling for sexual advances.

In summary I don't know if I would really recommend going here.

Unless it's your thing, no judgements.