Perdido Key mini-Vacation

Sometimes I forget how amazing spending the day at the beach can be. I've lived in Florida almost my entire life and I absolutely take it for granted that the beach is less than 10 minutes from my house. I was thrilled last week when a friend contacted me to say they'd be staying at a condo in Perdido Key. Saturday morning I was up at 5 a.m. for the first run in my new Mizuno's and I am ridiculously in love with them (full review later this week.)

2013-06-22 07.07.23

It may have just been a placebo effect but I took about 30 seconds off my summer average pace time. Made me feel better about something I'll officially announce when I review the shoes. I'm sure some of you can guess what it is!

Immediately after I got home I put on my suit and headed out. Perdido is about 45 minutes from Pensacola and I wanted to get there as early as possible to have some time on the beach before tourists descended upon us! 2013-06-22 08.45.37-1

We walked the coastline for about an hour, took a swim to cool off, then headed back for lunch. We covered about 5 miles and my legs were actually starting to get sore at the end since walking on sand is way more difficult than solid ground. We saw a guy fishing who pulled in a baby shark as we were passing. I almost stopped to get a photo, but I felt so bad for the poor thing I didn't want to see anymore. It must have only been about 18 inches long!

Back at the condo I changed into one of my favorite sundresses before we had lunch.

2013-06-22 11.32.34-1The owner of the condo is ridiculously well off. Like, old old New Orleans family money. I definitely felt out of my element seeing how the 'other half' lives. Everyone was extremely nice, but I'm certainly not accustomed to hanging out in gorgeous waterfront condo's (the owner actually has two there - just 'in case' she needs more room!) She also has a personal chef who previously worked as a chef at a spa in Miami. So, unsurprisingly, lunch was freaking phenomenal. I had pasta with tofurkey sausage (my first time having that and loved it!), quinoa, olive salad and wheat berry salad. Dessert was a mixed fruit bowl with walnuts and a banana/strawberry puree sauce. Yeah. Really.2013-06-22 11.41.51We ate lunch out on the patio overlooking the ocean:2013-06-22 11.41.56-1Not a bad view! 2013-06-22 11.31.54I definitely felt like I was on vacation. Vacay didn't last long though as I headed back to real life later that afternoon. Sunday I woke up and didn't feel like going on my long run - so I skipped it. I spent the morning cuddling with Salem and watching Christmas movies. It was glorious. That afternoon I went out to go grocery shopping and pick up a few things for my trip to Portland this week and rocked my beach hair.2013-06-23 14.27.37-1As I was driving around town I saw someone pass me by who was smoking. Ever since I quit if I saw someone smoking I'd usually feel an urge to smoke again, but this was the first time I thought of smoking and it grossed me out. I've been smoke free for two years this month. It's hard to imagine I smoked a pack a day for 8 years given how hard I work to stay healthy. Of all the things I've done for my health over the years quitting smoking is my greatest accomplishment!

What bad habit have you given up?