Pioneer Woman's Apple Pie Tart

The first recipe I made from my new Pintrest Fall Flavors Board was The Pioneer Woman's Apple Pie Tart. Matt and I have had half a pastry sheet in the freezer since we made the Goat Cheese Tarts a few weeks ago and I knew I wanted to save it for a dessert.

What I didn't know what that the dessert would cause the entire house to fill with smoke and my eyes to burn for 24 hours after.

Who knew brown sugar could cause so much commotion?

It was still so worth it.

I followed her recipe almost exactly except I used 1/2 a cup of brown sugar instead of 1 full cup. Saved us 400 calories and still tasted quite delicious!

We also added some chopped walnuts to one of the tarts and I drenched it in cinnamon.

I think it may tie for the best dessert we've ever made (the other would be angel food cake from scratch).

The real question is: how does it taste reheated?

I can't wait to find out!