Plan With Me: Food Prep, Baby Led Weaning Ideas and Stroller Running Sucks


Happy Sunday friends! I've had the most amazing weekend and it's not just because I found out Saved by the Bell and My So Called Life are now on Hulu. Here are a few gratuitous photos of my grocery haul for the week. I absolutely love photographing food, especially produce, as the colors are just so beautiful. IMG_2118

The amount of produce I get each week has definitely increased recently thanks to baby led weaning. I know 'food before 1 is just for fun' but I'm still trying to get myself into a good habit of making sure there's a vegetable at every meal for baby. At this point he's getting lunch and dinner most days (some days it's just dinner.) By 9-10 months I hope to have him at three meals a day. IMG_2117

Our family goes through an insane amount of bananas. Baby would eat one every day if I let him. I usually pry it from his little death grip when he's halfway done with it as I don't think he's big enough to stomach an entire banana. IMG_2116

I'll do a whole post on baby lead weaning soon with some meal ideas. As popular as BLW is I find there aren't a ton of resources out there on it. Yesterday I made this delicious parsnip, carrot and zucchini frittata for him. He loved it! It's ridiculously healthy and full of veggies so I'll be making this quite often. I think it would be good in muffin form too. IMG_1203

He ate 2 pieces of it (and maybe 1/3 of that ended up on the floor) and a few sweet potato fries for dinner. IMG_1202

My menu this week is pretty similar to what it has been.

Breakfast: Zoats or scrambled eggs

Lunch: Chickpea salad or burrito bowls

Dinner: Protein smoothie

Snacks: sliced apple with cinnamon, pineapple with cayenne, banana with peanut butter or nuts and cheese.

I've been so focused on coming up with new meals for baby I haven't been spending much time on what I'll be eating. Next week I will branch out and try a new recipe or two!

Yesterday I loaded up baby and took him out for his first long run. Travis has had a crazy work schedule so I had to bring him with me. We've gone on plenty of long walks before so I knew he'd be fine in the stroller for a while (90 minutes is the most I'll have him in there.) As usual he laughed a lot, pointed at everything (just last week he learned how to point) and took a nice long nap.


Eight miles with the stroller is easily as difficult as 12-15 miles without one. I was so sore the rest of the day. I keep hearing how much better the Bob stroller is but I've never tried one. The Graco FastAction jogger I have isn't bad at all, but I wonder how much better the Bob really is. I've been debating on upgrading now that I know I will be using it a lot, but part of me wants to hold out to see if we may have a second baby next year since I'd just wait and upgrade to a double stroller then. IMG_1167

I'm meeting with a yoga studio today about teaching, and shooting a video showing off new moves for my current boot camp clients. I can't believe this month is almost over. I realized the other day that there are only four short months left before I can put out Halloween decorations!

How is your weekend going? If you have a jogging stroller, especially a Bob, what do you love about it? Any tips on running with one?