Plan With Me: Meal Prep + Baby Food Fun


Before I get into my usual Sunday grocery haul and meal prep can we just take a moment to savor this photo of my breakfast yesterday? (The scrambled eggs belonged to Travis ... there's no way I could eat that many eggs at once.)IMG_9248

I've never had an omelette so stuffed with veggies before! It was one of the best I've ever had; broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, onion and just a tiny bit of cheese. It was at one of our favorite restaurants, The Cookie Jar, where Travis insisted we go so he could finally try their cream cheese stuffed cinnamon roll.


After we stuffed our faces we went to one of my favorite places ever - the grocery store. I love food.


Menu for the week:

Breakfast: Zoats or scrambled eggs + tofu

Lunch: Asian broccoli salad with peanut sauce or chickpea salad

Dinner: Protein smoothie

Snacks: nuts, peanut butter + banana, fruit, GF crackers

One of my bootcamp clients shared that Asian broccoli salad recipe in our Facebook group this week and I have to try it asap. I love broccoli, and you could put peanut sauce on just about anything and I'd be in heaven.

Little man will be trying a few new things this week. I'm not doing strict baby led weaning since I'm also trying to feed him some items myself with a spoon (pureed pears, apples, etc.) but I do try to give him mostly things he can feed himself. I'm also trying not to let my food preferences dictate what I feed him so I try to make sure I expose him to lots of tastes and textures, even if they are things I don't like. Something I've hated for as long as I can remember he tried this past week and absolutely loved; cucumbers.


I thought he'd like the freeze dried fruit but he wouldn't even taste it. I'm going to make some of the cereal up this week with breastmilk, and I think I'll hold off on the puffs for a while. I was swayed by the 'organic' and 'brain & eye health' label while in the store but upon closer inspection of the ingredients it's mostly flour and apple juice concentrate.


He is still obsessed with sweet potato, broccoli and banana. I suspect he may live off of those three things, and me, until his first birthday. I'm alright with that.IMG_9303

Last night he fell asleep in his CRIB for the first time ever, and without me nursing him before! He's been sleeping in his swing for a few months, but I put him in his crib to 'wind down' and get used to being in there every night before I nurse him until drowsy and lay him in his swing.

Yesterday I could just tell he was really tired and even though he was on his tummy (which made me ridiculously nervous as only a first time mom could be) I kept giving him a pacifier over and over again and after a few minutes he passed out. He never takes a paci, ever. He woke up a few times last night but most of the time I could just pop the pacifier back in and rub his back and he'd fall right asleep.

I definitely cried a little when he fell asleep the first time not needing to nurse.

Today I'm going to be doing mostly food prep for him; sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli and carrots. I've officially been in spring cleaning mode all weekend so I have a few organizational projects I'm hoping to work on, and if I have time we're going to Pier 1 to look for some new home decor.

How is your weekend going? What are some 'meals' you fed your baby around 7 months old? I'd like to start making more than just one ingredient things for him, but they need to be finger foods he can feed himself!