Plan With Me: Meal Plan + Workouts for the Week


Happy Sunday, lovelies! With the new year, and my new obsession with planners, I'm starting a new Sunday series. I'll be sharing what I'll be doing to food prep for the week, as well as my workout plan. I love seeing what others do for the week and sharing my plan on Sunday will force me to get my sh!t together and get back into weekend food prepping! I spent some time Saturday decorating my Happy Planner for the week. I always cover up the morning, afternoon and night titles of the planner and divide mine into blog work, work, and personal.


I have a lot more I need to get done this week but I'll have to add to the planner as I go. Little man has been getting up every 90ish minutes at night so my brain isn't fully functioning at the moment!IMG_1305

I am so excited about meals for the week! For lunch I'll be alternating between two quick dishes. My Mom got me hooked on these burrito bowls while I was living with them for a few weeks while Travis drove to Alaska. It's so simple; a huge bed of lettuce,  brown rice, tomatoes, olives, beans, and onions. I season it with salt and pepper, and then drizzle buffalo ranch over it. I usually use quick cooking brown rice but made up a huge batch of traditional brown rice a few days ago and it tastes so much betterBurrio bowl

My other favorite lunch lately has been corndog muffins. It's totally not the healthiest things possible...but mama likey. My original recipe made them gluten free and vegan, but I'm ultra lazy now so I just use cheap old Jiffy mix and toss into two cut up veggie dogs. Takes about 5 minutes to prep and cooks in 15!Corndog muffins

Dinner this week is cauliflower and pea macaroni and cheese. I love meals that incorporate vegetables so I don't have to worry about making sides. This recipe blends in an entire head of cauliflower (although I'm using frozen this week) and 1/2-1 cup of peas (depending on your preference.)Cauliflower and pea macaroni and cheese

My workouts will follow my usual pattern. Running on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday plus strength three days a week. I'm actually in the process of trying to find someone who can design a home workout routine for me. I had a huge library of workout DVD's, but I'm so bored of doing them and half-assing them as I workout. I want to try lifting heavier weight, and incorporate HIIT more. I spent some time yesterday looking for home strength workouts online and my brain just fizzled out, so I'm hoping the coach I reached out to last night can help me out!

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I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! It feels so fun to connect with you on the weekend. I'm going to hop on Periscope early in the week so be sure to follow me there (ericadhouse) and I just got a haul from Sephora I'm hoping to try out in the next few days and do a favorites video with some other ahhmazing products I've tried recently.

What are you doing today to set yourself up for success this week?