Plan With Me: Workouts + Meal Plan for the Week (Plus May Design book + Honest Co goodies!)


Ever since joining the dark side (the world of planners) I'm obsessed with trolling facebook and instagram at night in bed looking at how others decorate their planners. Occasionally, a new product will come out and the planner world goes nuts. This happened a few days ago when Michaels released a new 'boho' line of products. I stopped by on Friday and picked up some things while they were 50% off and used some of the new washi and stickers to decorate this week. IMG_6818I keep meaning to look on Pinterest for other ways I can use washi so I can justify my addiction to it but that whole 'taking care of a baby' thing keeps getting in my way. IMG_6816I also received my very first May Designs book this weekend! The colors are divine. I've heard of May Designs for a while and they emailed out $5-$50 gift codes to everyone on their mailing list for Valentines Day. I scored this book for $4 (including shipping!) You get to pick out the cover art, what type of inserts you want, and how you want your name or initials on the front.

As much as I love my Happy Planner I've always been a 'to do' list girl. I think I'm going to love using this May Designs book because it's so simple and lets you focus on just one day at a time.

IMG_6821 IMG_1643Things with Salem aren't improving so I haven't done any meal prep this weekend. My stomach has been in knots all week and the stress is getting to me. We have an appointment with his vet tomorrow to decide what we are going to do, but I did call the emergency clinic here just to find out what the procedure would be in case we needed to bring him in to put him down before then. Meals this week will likely be random/snack based as they were last week.

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Apples, Nuts and Cheese

Dinner: Steamed broccoli with nutritional yeast and a sliced up veggie dog (sounds weird but it's so good!)

Snacks: Protein Smoothie, Rice Crackers & Popcorn

Since we will be introducing solid foods soon I'm starting to think about upping my workout intensity, and getting a bit more serious about losing the last few baby pounds. I still have to keep workouts under an hour since baby only naps on me, so I workout while he's playing in his pack n play and that doesn't last forever. I've been doing more workouts with free weights at home (versus following workout DVD's) but I need to put in place an actual plan to follow.

Monday: Arms + Abs

Tuesday: Intervals

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Intervals

Friday: Arms + Abs

Saturday: Long Run

Sunday: Leg Day

Finally, I received this package from Vitamin Shoppe! I had a gift card to use from a sponsored post I did with them last week and I was so excited to get these products. I've been wanting to try more from the Honest Company and I'm kind of obsessed with Dr. Bronners soaps. I know you can use them to make so many different things so if you have any favorite uses for them let me know! IMG_1639I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. We are trying to make the best of things still. I had to pick Salem up off the floor near the liter boxes a little while ago and he's sleeping on Travis's chest now.

I miss him so much already and he's not even gone.