Preggie: New Pregnancy App to Connect and Support Moms


This post is sponsored by Preggie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Every night my ritual is to curl up in bed, or on the couch, and spend at least 30-60 minutes online looking at baby stuff. I've been pulling 8-10 hour days between the scoring job and the blog so I truly look forward to 'quitting time' when I can shut off my computer and indulge my crazy pregnancy brain!

There is so much information out there for new moms. I was completely overwhelmed in the first trimester. How many outfits do I need to buy? What supplies do I need for breastfeeding? How do I combat leg cramps and chronic fatigue? As helpful as articles are nothing has topped being able to connect with other moms-to-be to get opinions and support from them.

Preggie is a new app that helps to connect moms. Preggie users can instantly upload texts or pictures, share thoughts with everyone, send direct messages, like or comment on others’ posts, follow specific users, add select Preggie posts to a favorites list for easy access, block unwanted users and more.


It has a gorgeously designed interface! It's very visual, and easy to use. 


Special features:

  • Meet women with your same pregnancy week
  • Get immediate social activity and communication after you install the app
  • Socialize with pregnant women in your area or around the world
  • Read the newsfeed based on your location
  • Share your thoughts and read insights from other moms and moms to be
  • Learn everything about your current stage of pregnancy or any other
  • Upload unlimited posts and pictures
  • Follow your favorite users
  • Interact by giving and receiving likes or comments

Last week I got this special post since it was my 26th week of pregnancy (I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow!) I think my favorite feature of Preggie thus far is how quickly they shut down drama. I'm active on a few other pregnancy boards and apps and let me tell you - pregnant women can be vicious. Preggie’s live monitoring help maintain a positive, supportive and secure community. Strong moderation keeps bullying and arguments at bay.


If you are a fellow mom-to-be I'd definitely recommend downloading it. If you do look me up! (Username EricaDHouse.)

What were your favorite resources when pregnant? What was the most overwhelming thing about pregnancy?