Pregnancy blues + I accidently ate meat


Saturday morning I told Travis I'd like to take him out to eat for Father's Day. I suggested it a day early because I suspected, correctly, that he'd like to go to our favorite Chinese buffet that's closed on Sundays. As a vegetarian there's usually only 2-3 options I can choose from (outside of desserts.) Lo mein, fried rice and a veggie dish. That's fine with me though as I can murder some fried rice. I loaded up my first plate, devoured it, and went to go get seconds. That time I noticed what looked like small chunks of meat in the rice. I asked our waitress if there was meat in the fried rice and she said no, but didn't sound confident in her answer. I didn't eat any of it, and a minute later two other employees came over to say there was pork in the rice today. Whoopsies! I really don't think I had any in my first dish, and I saw them put a fresh batch out before my second helping, so I don't feel like I lost any vegetarian street cred. They were sweet enough to offer to make me some without meat, but I thanked them and told them I was about to hit up the dessert bar so it wasn't necessary. BWeekend

That night Travis went through one of his closets and got out a TON of stuff to donate/sell. Like, 55 vintage skateboarding VHS tapes he's been holding on to for 20 years. We listed the lots on ebay, but everything else (including 12 pairs of good condition skate shoes) is getting donated this week. IMG_9149

Sunday was a funk day. I woke up feeling blah, and couldn't shake it the rest of the day. I finally made myself workout around 2 p.m. and as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror I though, "I look horrible." I just suddenly felt very pregnant, very fat, and very frumpy. I rationally knew it was hormones messing with me, but the negativity persisted.

Travis had to work all day so I went down to the pool hoping that would cheer me up. The fresh air felt great, as did talking with a friend of Travis's I ran into there, but it was short lived. After about 30 minutes in the sun I went to the bathroom to change into gym clothes to just walk slowly on the treadmill inside. National Lampoons European Vacation was on and I walked 2 miles in 40 minutes. The miles were uncomfortable. My stomach felt heavy, my low back hurt, and my knees/ankles have been feeling sore all week.

I went home feeling dejected. I also hadn't felt baby as much as usual and had been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I chugged a ton of water and laid down on my side and the contractions stopped. I decided to soak in an Epsom salt bath to see if it would help my cramps and back ache. The bath was quite nice thanks to bringing a snack, book, and doing my nails in there! BWeekend1

After the bath I drank a glass of orange juice to get baby moving more and laid back down. I got 5 kicks in 10 minutes but they were much softer than usual so I continued to worry. I listened to his heart beat with my doppler and it sounded normal. If I still feel crampy and less movement than normal when my Doctors office opens this morning I'm going to call and try to go in.

To end things on a lighter note Salem and Rudy have been playing nicely lately. They normally fight if they come within a 2 foot radius of one another but I caught them a few times lounging around together. IMG_9142

IMG_9146I certainly hope your weekend was more upbeat than mine!

Moms - how did you deal with pregnancy blues?