Pregnancy Update: Week 20

Halfway baked! It's so funny when I look at pictures of other pregnant women due around the same time I am on the BabyCenter forums and each bump looks so different. Depending on how straight I stand and how much I let the gut hang out I can either look not-super-pregnant:IMG_8573Or definitely 20 weeks pregnant!IMG_8576 For some reason there seems to be a glorification for staying as small as possible for as long as possible while incubating a human being. Just keep in mind when you see these teeny tiny girls with barely there bumps that may be nothing like what they look like 99% of the time.

IMG_8580I will say that standing straight up and keeping my hips tucked under helps my low back pain significantly. I haven't run in the last week because the weight of my stomach has made it very uncomfortable. The belly band I ordered off Amazon should be here any day now so hopefully it will help. Even walking is getting difficult just because of my low back pain.

There are a few things that I have been using religiously for a few weeks now that I wanted to share.

PregnancyNatureMaid Prenatal Vitamins: I went with these mostly because of the price ($16.79 for 250 tables which will last the entire pregnancy!) They also had very good reviews, and met the recommended amounts of folic acid and iron.

Ovega-3: As a vegetarian it's virtually impossible for me to get EPA and DHA naturally. The only source of DHA I eat regularly is eggs, and even then an egg yolk only has about 50 grams of DHA in it and you need 300 mg a day while pregnant. Since I don't eat 6 eggs a day, and they don't have EPA in them, I found these pills made from algae that have 320 mg of DHA and 130 mg of EPA per pill (so the $26.48 box of 60 will last 2 months.) Most non-vegetarians get enough EPA and DHA through eating fish or taking Omega-3 supplements made from fish oil so there's no need to supplement.

Mama Bee Belly Butter: Stretch marks are genetic and based on how much collagen and elastin are naturally found in your skin.  In the end there isn't much I can do to prevent them, but the lotion helps with the itchy skin I'm starting to get, it's free from nasty chemicals, and it just feels good to put on! I use it whenever I get out of the shower and alternate it with pure almond oil.

Sonoline B Fetal Doppler: The only place I've seen this for sale is Ebay and I picked mine up for about $40 shipped. It arrived when I was 14 weeks pregnant and helped so much with the anxiety I was having after my missed miscarriage last year. The first week I definitely used it every day, but just for 10-15 seconds (I watched a few videos on youtbube on how to find the heartbeat at 14 weeks so I knew exactly where to look.) After that week I went to using it every other day, and now that the baby has been moving so much I only use it once every 3-5 days.

The most exciting new development? Baby movement! I thought I felt something when I was sitting in the bath at 14 weeks, and then again at 16 weeks, but after 18 weeks they became more regular and it's definitely the bambino! He's very active around 10 a.m., 3 p.m. and after dinner. I'm not sure if he's kicking or punching, but a few times it did feel like actual somersaults. The movements are all very low, about an inch under my belly button, and feel like a tiny finger poking me from the inside. It's awesome.

Weight gained: 14.5 pounds. I was at 12 pounds at 18 weeks so that's close to the recommended 1 pound a week. I'm hoping it starts to slow down just a little bit. If I gained 1 pound a week until 40 weeks that would put me at 35 pounds gained which would be perfect! At 20 weeks the baby is about 6.5 inches from head to rump, and weighs about 10 ounces (although mine weighed that at 18 weeks so he's probably close to a pound now!)

We've received a few amazing packages from the grandparents this week. It's embarrassing how many clothes we have for this kid already. It's great to have such excited family members! We also have a diaper bag, some books and decor for the nursery, a BabyBjorn carrier, a boppy pillow (Mom scored one at TJ Maxx) and I bought the Graco FastAction Travel System (jogging stroller and car seat.)  When I found it the red colored set was way cheaper than the rest, and I ended up getting it for only $199! The price is up to $249 now but it's still a great deal considering it's a jogging stroller and carseat.

It feels great to have so many of the basics purchased and ready to go. I plan on getting a Madea manual breast pump for Travis to help with feeding once babe is 4-6 weeks old. His Dad and Stepmom are getting us a gorgeous nursery furniture set so we will be ordering that in a few weeks. It's all so exciting, yet doesn't feel real still.

The only negative thing I've experienced lately with the pregnancy is some crazy random anxiety. I will be doing an entire post on it soon but thankfully it's gotten much better!

What other baby 'must haves' do I need to get before he arrives? What is something you got for the baby that you ended up not using?