Pregnancy Update: Week 32


I am so pregnant right now. Overall I still feel pretty good, but my 'bad' days are starting to become more frequent. I'll have moderate heartburn for half a day every few days, my legs are starting to ache/throb from the knee down, and hip and low back pain is becoming more regular.

I also feel like I look so much bigger without a shirt on so I wanted to take some bare belly photos. Since I do these updates monthly I'm never guaranteed to make it to the next one! Doc said today if I go into labor at 36 weeks they wouldn't try to stop it.

IMG_9398I'm still trying to stay as active as possible as I always feel so much better after I workout. My low back was hurting one morning and I took a 2 mile walk and immediately felt better. Sometimes being inactive, sitting on the couch/bed all day with bad posture, just makes things so much worse.

I caved and bought some new clothes this week. I've made it so far without having to buy much (1 pair of shorts, 2 jeans, 3 tops, and 2 dresses) but my workout shorts and sports bra were starting to become painfully tight. I scored this bra from Walmart for $5 and it is SO COMFORTABLE. Also grabbed some plain black workout shorts on clearance for $3. Win.

I gained a bit more weight than usual this past month. At 24 weeks I was up 19.5 pounds, at 28 weeks I was up 22 pounds, and at 32 weeks I'm at 28 pounds. Not a huge jump, but more than the 'recommended' pound a week. I'm not at all surprised as I was hungry constantly last week. I ate whenever I needed to and just assumed baby was going through a growth spurt. I'm back to measuring 2 weeks ahead so I'm happy with the gain.


Target had a great baby sale last week that I took advantage of. Spend $200 on baby items and get a $40 gift card. I spent $201 to get a few odds and ends we still needed to pick up like crib sheets, mattress protectors, a changing pad and cover, nose frida (apparently sucking the snot out of your  babies nose is a thing), nail trimmer kit, bamboobies (organic bamboo reusable nursing pads), a random toy, and this baby seat. We didn't want a big high chair so I found this that he can start using around 4 months, and it straps onto any kitchen chair to use as a high chair. IMG_9393

I then turned around and did the deal again, this time doing the 'spend $125 and get a $20 gift card' promotion. I bought 4 cases of size 3 diapers for $140. I used my $40 gift card from the first purchase to  bring it down to $100 and got $50 in gift cards back (the diapers were buy two cases get $15.) Baby now has about 1100 diapers that I spent $210 on. I really hope he likes Pampers swaddlers!

This past weekend I walked 4 miles before spending the day in Pensacola with Travis and my parents. We were driving home between 10-12 p.m. and I was in so much pain from walking around all day. My feet were swollen for the first time, and my shins and calf muscles were aching like I had run a marathon. I tried putting the seat down to lay down and no matter what side I was on it was extremely painful. Sunday I spent most of the day in bed with compression socks, a new book, and junk food.

AweekendMy legs were still hurting on Monday so I took another day off from working out. I did spent about 2 hours cleaning the house. We found what we think are fleas in the living room and bedroom (none on the cats so far) so I was doing laundry all day washing every possible piece of fabric in the house.

I'm loving the downtime as I've become obsessed with cross-stitching again. It passes the time so quickly! Remember that project I mentioned last week? The one where Travis thought I was joking that I was making it for the nursery. I finished it. Just needs a frame.

Cross stitchI found a few other patterns I'm going to start on. Some for his room, some for ours, and I think I'll open up my Etsy shop again to sell finished pieces. I have an abundance of free time right now and it's nice having something I can work on while falling in love with Dylan Mckay all over again.

IMG_9406I'll be back this afternoon with a review of some of the most iconic parenting books ever written!

Moms - at what point did pregnancy really start to wear on you?

Non Mom's - what are your expectations of pregnancy? Do you think it's going to be horrible? Or not as bad as people say? So far I think I've had a pretty awesome, and easy, pregnancy!