ProClinic Pensacola

I woke up yesterday feeling like crud. I attributed most of it due to the fact that the power went out at 3 a.m. and my sleep from that point on was pretty terrible. I'm a total baby when it comes to sleep. If I don't get my usual 7-8 hours I turn into this walking zombie (who's very, very irritable). So, I wasn't surprised when I felt lethargic and tired that morning  What did scare me though is how light-headed I felt while teaching class and the shortness of breath I started to experience.

I've passed by the ProClinic on 12th avenue before and always knew the next time I was feeling icky I'd try them out. At $50 an office visit they are the cheapest 'doc in a box' in town for someone uninsured such as myself (one of the un-perks of being an adjunct and teaching 6 classes with zero benefits.) I always try to wait out any cold/sore throat I get since, if it is just a cold, there's really nothing to be done about it and I'm out $50 but I just had that feeling that I should get this taken care of. I was particularly vigilant about it given our trip to Fairhope planned for this weekend to celebrate my birthday (which isn't until next week.)

I printed out the new client forms before I went in so I could save some time if there was a wait. Well, there wasn't a wait and my entire visit lasted about 8 minutes! I walked in, handed them my papers, and was getting my vitals taken by some adorable older guy within 2 minutes. Everything there was normal, heart rate, blood pressure, I started to worry that the visit was a waste.

Once inside the exam room I snapped a picture of their .... inexpensive ... room decor. Hey,  no judgments here - the only art in our bedroom I scored or $2 on clearance at Kirklands.

The best part of the room was definitely this poster:

After a quick minute of waiting the Physicians Assistant came in. He had me sit on the exam table, looked at my ears and throat, listened to me breathe and asked me what was going on. As soon as I mentioned "I think it may be strep" he started writing out a prescription. I have a history of getting strep throat about once every year or so. It usually gets pretty bad - to the point I have a 'spit cup' since it hurts to bad to even swallow.

He handed me the prescription and seemed like he was all done when I stopped him to ask, " you think it's actually strep?" I just wanted to make sure I knew what I had! He said it was possible I did. He didn't want to do a throat culture to test it since (in his words) "The antibiotics will help if it's strep and won't hurt if it's not." Works for me! My Mom's always paranoid about taking antibiotics when they are unnecessary since you can build up an immunity to them but given my lack of insurance that's definitely not a problem for me.

Took my prescription to Publix where they fill it for free and walked around for 15 minutes debating on baking something that night since you know, calories don't count when your sick. I settled with taking my blood pressure to distract me from the cake mixes.

The blood pressure was totally normal for me but the heart rate was way high. I usually hover in the 60's so I attributed the 88 to being sick, stressed and fearing I wouldn't have enough time to make it home and get ready for my evening class.

All ended well and I'm feeling a tiny bit better this morning. My throat is still tight and I'm skipping a heavy workout today to go on a walk with Matt instead. I must admit the idea of having to spend all day in bed eating Popsicle really isn't making me to upset.

Has anyone else gotten sick yet this season? What is your favorite way to sooth a sore/tight throat?