ProCompression: Review & 40% off Discount Code

You may have noticed I've been rocking some seriously pink knee-high socks a lot lately. About two weeks ago I received my first pair of ProCompression socks and I was like Cinderella putting her glass slipper on. From the second I squeezed my monstrous calfs into the socks I knew it was a perfect fit!

socksWhat's the deal with compression socks?  Do they actually work?

TL:DR version: Compression socks increase blood flow to your legs which relieves discomfort and aids in recovery.

Found to help more with recovery than improve performance while running.

Article One:  presented at the 2007 American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting in New Orleans suggested there were no statistically significant differences in maximal oxygen consumption, heart rate or minute ventilation between treadmill runners who wore compression socks and those who did not. Subjects did, however, show a faster lactate recovery rate after exercise when wearing the compression socks, suggesting that compression socks might speed recovery after a strenuous workout or a race.

Article Two: Multiple studies found improved running performance and improved lactate threshold when wearing compression socks while running.

What makes ProCompression different?

I've tried three different brands now and these are my favorite socks. The material is a nylon/poly blend so it's not thick and itchy. The socks are super soft and thin, but still compress as much (if not more) than the others. When I first saw them I thought "these things are to puny to do much!" I was so wrong. They also fit me perfectly (other socks go above my knees since I'm such a shorty.)

NashvilleI tried running in compression socks once and I was not a fan. I stick to wearing them for recovery and I can definitely notice a difference. After a hard/long run I'll wear them overnight and my legs feel more 'refreshed' the next day.

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Have you tried Compression gear?