Questions for Runners

As Matt and I have been getting more into running lately I've ran into a few issues that I'm hoping some of you running vets can help us out with!


(1) How accurate is Runkeeper?

Specifically, how accurate is their calorie counter. I did some digging online and found forums where people discussed using runkeeper and their garmin at the same time and the resulting calories burned number was similar. However, based on heart rate, my calories burned is dramatically different!

Exhibit A.

Runkeeper shows that I burned 331 calories during my run. If I plug in the same time spent with my average heart rate during the run (160) to various calculators online I get a huge range of results:

- ShapeSense calculated 546

Triathlon Training Blog calculated 684

- Other random site calculated 537

I know Runkeeper calculates calories burned based on my weight, distance ran and time. I wonder though if my Heart Rate is significantly higher than the normal runners which would lead to the other calculators showing higher numbers. I am terrible at running. Really. I still fight vomiting up my breakfast sometimes and struggle to run more than a few minutes at a time.

(2) Is there anything I can do to help my breathing out while I run?

As previously mentioned I am struggling some with getting into running. Maybe it's normal, since I've only been running since February, but for someone who works out as much as I do I'm surprised I still can't run more because of needing to stop for air. Physically, my muscles are strong enough that I could keep moving but my breathing is what forces me to walk for a few seconds. I usually try to take somewhat deep breaths, in through my nose and out through my mouth, but is that correct? I just read an article today on the debate over mouth breathing vs. nose breathing and they basically said it's whatever is most comfortable. Problem is: Neither is for me right now!


(3) This is for all fitness lovers: how on earth do you keep your dirty workout clothes from stinking up your hamper?

This is probably an over share but our hamper is starting to assault our sense of smell. Unfortunately, our hamper is also stored in our closet so I'm tired of going to look for something to wear and being reminded that we are stinky pig-people. We don't have a washer and dryer in our place so we usually save all of our clothes to wash on the weekends. That means there are 6ish days of workout clothes either (a) drying on the back of our chairs if they were just used or (b) spreading their sweat cooties to our other, less dirty, clothes.