Quiona and Cauliflower Kugel with Cumin

Kugel (קוגל kugl, pronounced IPA: [ˈkʊɡl̩]) is a baked Ashkenazi Jewish pudding or casserole, similar to a pie, most commonly made from egg noodles (Lokshen kugel) or potatoes, though at times made of zucchini, apples, spinach, broccoli, cranberry, or sweet potato. It is usually served as a side dish on Shabbat and Yom Tov. (Source: Wikipedia)

I have been craving new ethnic cuisines lately. I just started getting into cooking in the last 2 years and I've been having so much fun playing around with new flavor combinations (cardamom and honey anyone?) and actually creating my own recipes from scratch. A few years ago the best attempts at cooking I made involved a jar of Spaghetti Sauce and some frozen cheese bread.

I started realizing that I've only just begun to really understand cooking. I try to be diverse in what I make but most of my dishes are very 'Americanized'. I came across this recipe for Kugel a few weeks ago on the New York Times and finally got around to making it this week. I love it! It's definitely a bit 'bland' compared to other heavily seasoned dishes, but the only spice used is Cumin so I'm not surprised. Still, the cottage cheese taste is subtle but delicious and the eggs make the dish very light and airy tasting. It's a great way to get protein thanks to the Quinoa and the entire casserole has about 900 calories. The original recipe divided it into 6 servings but I've portioned mine smaller as a side dish and it makes about 8.

You can see the original recipe here and the only changes I made was not drizzling olive oil over the top before baking it and I put the cottage cheese + eggs in the blender together (instead of pureeing the cottage cheese first).

Has anyone tried Kugel before? I'm a huge fan of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine - what should I look at getting into next?