Readers Choice

Last week I asked you all to help me out by completing a short survey on why you visit this blog and what you'd like to see more of. Well, the results are in! Survey1

I've got to say I'm surprised that Mental Health and Everyday Life were so popular! There was an open-ended question on specific topic suggestions and I received some great ideas of things you all would to see me discuss more:

- Psychology. I have this incredible job teaching college courses and there are so many amazing ways that physical health and mental health overlap. I'm shocked I haven't written on this topic more before but my goal is to feature 1 blog a week on themes relating to psychology/mental health/happiness.

- Being single. My fellow single ladies want to know more about my life as a single person and the challenges and freedom it provides. I actually submitted this as the last line of an official bio for the FitBloggin conference I'm presenting at: "She is currently enjoying her role as an unofficial ambassador for single cat ladies everywhere." Totally accurate.

- Money! Budgeting, saving, ... I rarely write about this so I was surprised a few people asked for it. I'd love to talk about ways to save money and live comfortably on very little (something I have become really, really good at!)

- Various others: intuitive eating, running, more Salem photos!

Similar sentiments were echoed when I asked what types of videos you'd like to see more of:


Again, I was most surprised by the majority of people wanting just everyday life talks/blogs. I guess I sometimes assume my life isn't very interesting but from the outside looking in it may appear otherwise! I have 3 jobs and am embarking on this amazing new journey in life with writing more, traveling, and being single. I am also constantly working on learning new ways to be happy and do good in the world. Perhaps that is just cause for some more 'average' life posts.

There were a few things that people didn't seem very interested in, and as a blog reader myself I agree, recipes and product reviews were the least popular areas. I subscribe to about 40 blogs and if I see a post one day with a recipe title that just doesn't sound appealing or a product review of something I have no interest in - I totally skip it for the day. So, I promise to only post recipes or product reviews if I think you all will really love them!

If you ever have ideas/topics you'd like me to write about on here please email me anytime at! Thank you all for giving me some guidance and direction for this site in 2013. I am so excited about how much this blog has grown in such a short time and I have a feeling this is just the beginning!

Finally - I'm ending with some random epic photos from my childhood. Just because.


In my natural state. I may be biased, but if I ever have kids I'm pretty sure they'll be adorable. If that day comes I promise to never put all of their hair into one single curl on the top of their head like my parents did, every single day for the first year of my life.


I went through a Daniel Boone phase for a while. Totally normal for a 5 year old girl, right?


We are clearly unimpressed with school starting again.


One of my favorite photos ever. I look fierce,  like I was raised as part of a child army, and poor Josh looks like he'd rather die than surrender to the enemy.

For blog authors, have you ever taken a survey to find out more about your audience?

For blog readers, do you have any particular pet peeves about reading blogs?