Really, another accident?

This week we are cutting back just a bit on our mileage and all runs are supposed to be done around 12:15 per mile. I've been looking forward to this week all month and got up early enough to do some ab work then put on one of my nice new outfits to get an easy run in before work. I started the run thinking "there is no way I can go slow enough to do recovery pace." Then this happened and I was proved wrong!

2013-09-09 06.49.21-2

I'm not sure what caused it but I tripped, and had that terrifying slow-motion fall where I had to decide what part of my body would be best to sacrifice to the pavement. After using my face to break my fall the last few times I decided not to add to this years ongoing dental bill and went with my arms. My left hand took a lot of the impact but unfortunately so did my left knee.

I sat on the ground for a moment in shock, and scared to look and see how bad the damage was. After a minute I got up, looked around to see if anyone was watching/laughing at me, and decided to keep running. I was 1.6 miles into the scheduled 5 and figured I'd have to do at least 1.6 to get back home so I just activated beast mode and finished the run with blood dripping down my legs and hands.

Bonus? This song was stuck in my head the rest of the run:

My knee started throbbing once I got home and the adrenaline wore off. I'm likely taking today off instead of Wednesday and keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to run again tomorrow. I've been icing it all day at work and my co-workers keep asking me if my hand is bleeding. Yes, that's a protein bar on my desk!

2013-09-09 10.45.56

They don't even have to ask why I'm walking with a limp. That's just becoming my regular stride now thanks to marathon training. A few hours into my day I wondered why my left arm kept hurting when I typed. Finally looked and saw it was all bruised and scraped up as well.

2013-09-09 11.57.45

Life - give me a break already.

Edit: Just after I finished writing this post I found out that my grandfather passed away. He had a long courageous battle with lung cancer and passed away in his sleep at his house. I'm glad he is no longer suffering! Note: don't ever wonder if your day could get worse (as I did.) It always can.

2013-09-09 12.18.46