Why I Refuse to Read Women's Health Magazine Anymore

Women's Health Magazine is using body shaming to get people to sign up for their ridiculous 21-Day Bikini Plan. Every morning I like to read health news while I eat my egg white oatmeal. If I come across any really informative or funny articles I'll schedule them to share on twitter throughout the day. I used to share some from Womens Health Magazine's, but I stopped after I regularly got this pop-up when I went to their site.

Take a look at the fine print you have to click on below the giant "Get my Bikini Body" button. Womens Health In order to even view articles you have to either sign-up for their bikini plan, or click on the phrase "No thanks, I already have a bikini body."

Are you kidding me?! {Side note: EVERYONE has a bikini body already. Take your clothes off, put a bikini on, and you have a bikini body}

I'm not overly confident by any means but I'm pretty happy with the way I look (and damn proud of losing 50+ pounds!) But even I had to pause and question myself before clicking on that. I was appalled the first time I saw it and have since stopped sending any traffic to their website. Of course any traffic I sent was minuscule in the grand scheme of their stats. Still, I am honestly surprised that the pop-up is still on their site as I can't be the only person to complain about this!

A few years ago I stopped reading virtually all magazines except for the random home and garden one's my Mom will send my way when she is done with them. Fitness magazines did nothing but make me feel inadequate. I wasn't eating clean enough compared to their meal plans, I didn't exercise hard enough, and I'd never look like the women featured in them. Research confirms this:  a University of Missouri-Columbia study found that all women were equally and negatively affected after viewing pictures of models in magazine ads for just three minutes.

I'm over it.

Women's Health Magazine - it's time you do better.

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