Reliving the 1893 Worlds Fair at the Field Museum in Chicago

One of the few 'must do' activities for me while in Chicago last weekend was to visit The Field Museum to see their new 1893 World's Fair Exhibit. In my mid-20's I fell in love hardcore with the Victoria era and the idea of being able to 'relive' one of the most famous cultural events that took place in America during that era was to good to even think about passing up.

2013-12-06 09.58.07Before I got to the museum I downloaded the Field Museum App. The app has exclusive content, experiences, and curated tours. I wanted the full experience! There were qwerty codes on some of the exhibits that you could scan and get more information on. 2013-12-05 21.17.09I loved that the moment I walked into the exhibit it felt like I had stepped back in time. They had music playing that made you feel like you were at the 1893 Worlds Fair, and there were a few giant videos projected on to some of the walls that showed people 'at' the fair (not actual video from the fair, but a modern simulation of it.) They were so fun to to watch!

2013-12-06 10.12.34

The premise of the original 1893 World's Fair was to  to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus' arrival in the New World in 1492. 46 Nations participated in the fair and nearly 26 million people visited it during the 6 months it was open. It was a huge deal! Back in the day, before internet, most people hadn't even seen these objects in books - let alone real life. The fair had everything from art, taxidermy, and artifacts to live music and performances.

One of my favorite exhibits was this case of what appeared to be dead birds. Well, they were dead birds, but one's ladies would wear on their hats for decoration. Epic. 2013-12-06 10.23.14There were a few interactive exhibits like this one that allowed you to 'unwrap' a Peruvian mummy. 2013-12-06 10.24.22I've always had a weird fondness for old bottles filled with mysterious items. No wonder this collection caught my eye!2013-12-06 10.22.53It was fun being able to relive such an iconic event. I've been to museums all over the United States and with this exhibit the Field Museum was absolutely one of (if not the) best I've been to.

What is your favorite museum? 

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