Review of Tracey Mallet's F.I.T. DVD

I can't remember the last time I had so many requests for a DVD review! I've been raving about this workout since trying it for the first time last week and now that I've gone through it twice I'm ready to give my honest views on it.

Short version: This DVD is incredible.


If you've checked out my DVD Review page you've probably realized I'm a huge fan of Tracey Mallet. If I could hang out with one fitness celebrity in real life it would be her hands-down. She just seems to approachable and make's the workouts so much fun! Her personality is upbeat without being obnoxious and she really know's what to say to keep you motivated. I own all of her Booty Barre DVD's and was excited to check out this Functional Intensity Training workout.

The DVD is broken down into three segments and it is recommended you use a set of 3 to 8 pound weights. I started off with my 8's and quickly went down to my 5's!

Total Body 25 minutes

Lower Body 25 minutes

Core/Flexibility 20 minutes

What I loved:

It kept my heart rate up almost the entire workout, hit every part of my body and burned more calories than any other DVD I own. What more could you ask for? The moves were easy to follow and she included a lot of great combination moves that I've never seen before. There are a few High Intensity Intervals that help keep your HR up (think running in place, high knees, burpees...) and almost every move incorporates balance/core work in addition to strengthening the muscles she's focusing on. The workout is the perfect mix of cardio to burn calories and strength training to get those sexy arms, abs and legs!

What I didn't love:

The first time I did it I was surprised that the Core section only included about 10 minutes of core work. Since that's my favorite area I wanted more! Then, I did the workout again yesterday and realized that she really does work your core the entire workout. I made a conscious decision to keep my abs engaged the entire time and it was intense! So, don't be surprised if the core section seems to go by really  quickly and just remember to draw attention to your ab muscles from the beginning and I promise you'll feel it!

To further illustrate my love of this workout here's a table of my favorite 60-80 minute DVD's and the calories I burn from each.

Workout DVD;sFor those of you who've done Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism or Bob Harper you know how tough those are and F.I.T. blow's them out of the water as far as calories burned goes!

Finally, for further comparison, the amount of calories I burned doing F.I.T. one day equaled the same amount of calories I burned the following day after doing 20 minutes of Jillian Michaels ab work, running 2 miles, and walking for 2 miles.

If you have any questions about the workout please let me know! I found a compilation video that shows off some of the moves. I hurt just watching it!

What is your most challenging workout DVD?