Road Trip Food Prep


My favorite part about road trips is the food. Yes, I'll totally scarf down some candy bars at gas stations along the way but I do enjoy picking out healthy snacks to bring with us too. Since we are staying with his family while we are in Ohio this week and I'm the only vegetarian in the bunch I went ahead and made up a bunch of meals that I can heat up and eat with everyone. 2014-12-22 13.35.33

I modified this mini quiche recipeΒ to include roasted veggies instead of broccoli and chives, and used laughing cow swiss instead of cheddar. They are SO GOOD. The Tupperware containers all have more roasted veggies in them, and either Gardein chicken tenders or Gardein mandarin chicken strips.Β 2014-12-23 20.52.02I'll be having the mini quiche's for breakfast with avocado, snacking on hard boiled eggs with hummus and protein bars, and having the veggies and "chicken" for lunch/dinners. I'm sure I'll also eat whatever sides/desserts are available as well!

How much food do you bring while traveling?