Road Tripping & Graduation

There is a part of me that's in total denial that this weekend actually happened. It was such a whirlwind and I've been worried for the last week that I wasn't going to be able to pull it all off - but I did! Friday morning my parents picked me up and we headed over to Jacksonville for the day. I was completely surprised by how much I loved the city. I had zero expectations for what it would be like and the area we were in (Riverside) ended up being so much fun! I'll share all my photos from that trip soon. Today I want to focus on Gainesville and my brothers graduation.

Saturday morning I started off the day with a short treadmill run at our Hotel. The fitness center had zero ventilation or AC so even though it was in the 50's outside I was sweating like I was running in the middle of the Florida summer. At least it felt super detoxifying!2013-12-14 08.03.37I rushed to get graduation ready so we would have time to hit up Trader Joe's before the ceremony started. 2013-12-14 10.56.36-1Can you believe I've never been into a Trader Joe's? I was shocked at how inexpensive their store brand items were! I really wish we had one near us.2013-12-14 11.13.33I picked up their Tofu spring rolls to eat in the car for lunch. Holy deliciousness. That peanut dipping sauce was so good I actually licked the container clean. 2013-12-14 11.27.11After some total chaos trying to figure out where to line up to enter the stadium for graduation we ended up being one of the first families in and snagged front row seats. They had social media signs with #UFGrad on them so when I saw them flashing tweets on the projection screens before the ceremony started I had to try and get one up there. They totally flashed my "Can't wait to see Josh cross the stage! Well earned B.S. In engineering - now his psych sister can borrow money ;) #UFGrad"  tweet a few times!

Watching Josh graduate made me really regret not walking for any of my degrees. Looks like I'll have to start working on a doctoral degree now just to make up for it ;) I appreciate that Josh stayed interactive with us during the ceremony (waving, thumbs up, etc.) so it helped to pick him out from the crowd. We thought some random stranger was Josh at first and I snapped a ton of pics of him walking in before we realized it was the wrong guy.  IMG_7401Like a boss!IMG_7420


Love this pic of Dad and Josh!IMG_7386His Engineering degree was definitely 10+ times harder than my Psych B.A. so I've got mad respect for him for completing it. 2013-12-14 12.08.26Immediately after Josh walked I ran outside to meet up with the boyfriend who was picking me up to head back into town. He was in Orlando that weekend and it timed out perfectly that he could swing through Gainesville and collect me in time to make it back to work Holiday parties in Pensacola. We arrived fashionably late (by about 3 hours) but had such an amazing time! Last week I tweeted asking for help picking out which dress to go with:

2013-12-10 16.21.44Which do you think won?