Run/Bike/Swim and Snakes

My weekend started bright and early Friday morning when I suckered Jason into going out to Pensacola Beach with me to bike & swim. I was just so excited about it I went for a quick 2 mile run before hand just to complete the trio. Since we got to the beach just after 7 a.m. the weather was perfect and there was hardly anyone else there.

2013-05-17 07.33.06We went on the ride first - I completed 10 miles in about 45 minutes. The last time I rode was 14 miles in 90 minutes so my pace time increased significantly. About 4 miles in to it I contemplated cutting the ride down to 8 but I kept chugging along and am proud I stuck to the original plan. The only issue I really had was this knob under my seat rubbing against the bare skin on the inside of my leg. When I mentioned it to Jason toward the end of the ride he fixed it for me, but I still have an epic welt there today from it. Other parts of the ride were made more difficult by seagulls swooping at our heads. It's nesting season and they are super protective of their youngin's so they didn't love us biking by.

2013-05-17 08.22.01

I stopped on the way back to take this photo. I really take it for granted sometimes that I live in such a gorgeous area. As much as I love being outside I'm much more of a mountain girl than a beach girl, but I'm going to try to take more advantage of the beach this summer as I'm hoping it will be my last one here. The swim was a bit rough because of the crazy waves but it was nice having cute beach hair the rest of the morning!

2013-05-17 10.05.21After sharing my pics of the morning on Twitter I had a few people ask me if I was training for a triathlon. I would love to, but I don't think I can right now and I'll explain why tomorrow. Not trying to be a tease but it's been on my mind all weekend and the topic deserves a post of its own!

Saturday I worked out at home and spent most of the day inside. I could try to blame it on all the activity from Friday but I was just feeling like being a lazy slob. Mission: Accomplished.

Sunday I thought I'd be a bit wild and didn't set my alarm for the first time in months. Yes, I set my alarm even on the weekends because I'm just crazy like that. I thought it would be nice to see how much sleep my body wanted instead of forcing it up and I slept in until the very late hour of 6:05 a.m.. It was strange waking up and having it be light out already! I ate breakfast and headed out for a run. With the temps in the 80's already in the mornings now I'm focusing more on keeping my HR low on long runs versus my pace time.

2013-05-19 09.35.47This was probably the longest run I've done in weeks and I had to take 2 short walking/water breaks during it. My HR stayed about 175 most of the run, which is normal, but my pace time was about a minute longer. #LongHairDontCare

After the run I headed over to Jason's to help out with some yard work. I really enjoy doing anything outside, even digging up grass and laying mulch, so it was nice to have something different to do.

2013-05-19 11.29.59What wasn't nice was opening up his back sliding door to head outside after a water break and having a snake literally fall into my hand. I don't recall the moment I even realized it was a snake but before I knew it I had dropped it on the ground and took a step backwards into his house and shut the door. He looked over and I motioned to the ground and told him there was a snake there.

I forgot that all grown men turn into 12 year-old boys when there are cool bugs/snakes around. He played with him for a while before I finally convinced him that either the snake or I would be leaving the backyard. I don't have any paralyzing phobia toward them, and even Jason commented on how calmly I just kind of dropped it and went inside, but I don't want to hang out and be BFF's with it either. 2013-05-19 11.18.17As not to traumatize anyone I'll counteract that picture with one of two other critters I hung out with this weekend who are significantly cuter, although in Salem's case sometimes just as lethal.2013-05-17 12.29.47

What was the highlight of you weekend? When was the last time you saw a snake?