Salem Goes to the Vet & on a Road Trip

Friday afternoon I made the decision to take Salem in to see his Veterinarian. I always agonize over taking him in since I know it stresses him out and he is FIV+ so I try to keep him as calm, fat, and happy as possible. For the most part he is a very laid back cat so I'm sure I get stressed out far more than he does.

Still, it sucks. He's been scratching like crazy lately and had some bad scabs on his neck and back. That's not totally uncommon for him but I noticed his lower lip looked like it was losing hair on Thursday and by Friday it was noticeably red and swollen. I was planning on taking him with me and leaving him with Travis when I saw him this weekend so I decided to swing by the Vet's office on the way out of town (Spanish Trail in Pensacola is AMAZING.)

2014-07-11 15.43.38-2While I was there I realized my cat carrier still had his brother's name on it from when I had to bring him in many years ago (he passed away when he was 1.5 years old, and would be turning 8 with Salem this week.) 2014-07-11 15.14.12 Overall the Doc thought allergies. For a normal cat she'd recommend prednisone (a steroid) to reduce inflammation/itching and clavamox (antibiotics) to prevent any of his scabs from getting an infection. However, the prednisone would weaken his already suppressed immune system and she was concerned about giving that to him. I talked it over with her and decided to get both meds to bring with me, but only give the prednisone if the swelling on his lip wasn't better within 48 hours.

Thankfully, the swelling is almost gone so I didn't give the prednisone but I did start him on the antibiotics Friday night. He was supposed to get them twice a day but after his second dose on Saturday night I stopped. He threw up each morning this weekend and again a few times Sunday afternoon. Despite his beast-like appearance he has a super sensitive stomach to medication and nausea/vomiting is a common side effect of clavamox. Since everything looks like it's healing up fine I'd prefer he eat and drink regularly versus subject him to two weeks of nausea.

So, I spent a lot of money to basically not do what the Vet told me. I feel like I'm doing what's best for him still!

I laughed when I saw his exam notes. He has a 'fractious nature' (he hissed a few times on the table) and his general appearance is nothing but 'overweight.' I'm slightly offended.2014-07-11 19.29.14After that trauma was over we hit the road. 2014-07-11 15.06.27A few hours later we arrived safely at our destination and I walked in to the greatest surprise. Travis had bought Salem an early birthday present! I asked him last week if he had any windows with furniture near by that Salem could look out of and he went above and beyond in getting him this.

Yes, he's amazing. 2014-07-11 18.36.35 Since I wanted to keep a close eye on Salem we stayed close to the house most of the weekend. I did my first trail run Saturday, a brutal 8 miles, and we did 5 miles on Sunday. I have a lot of thoughts on what it's like running with a significant other so expect a post on that soon. My runs this weekend were rough, and that's not always fun/easy for someone else to be around!2014-07-13 10.06.35-2It was an emotionally draining weekend since I was so stressed about Salem, but I still had an amazing time with my two favorite guys! 2014-07-13 12.18.36How was your weekend? Do you think it's worse for you or your pets when you have to take them to the vet?

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