Saying Goodbye & Enjoying the Present

It's been a hell of a weekend. Friday started off rough. My first cat (who's been living with my parents for 9 years) that I told you about last week was put down. It was absolutely the right decision. He had a lot of health problems pop up out of nowhere after a perfectly healthy 12 year life. He spent a week in the clinic undergoing every type of test imaginable to figure out why his kidney's were failing, but they couldn't pinpoint a cause, or get him stable. Additionally, he had a small tumor on his jaw that they were almost certain was cancerous.

My parents had him put to sleep in my Mom's arms. I had to put Salem's brother down when he was 18 months and my heart breaks for what my Mom is going through right now. It's such a horrible decision to have to make, even when you know in your heart it's for the best.

I wallowed a lot around the house Friday. He was the first pet I had, the first pet our family had, and a very sweet, quirky cat.

That night Travis suggested a trip to one of our favorite restaurants to help get my mind off things. We've cut back a lot on going out to eat (from once a week to about once a month) with baby on the way so this was a real treat. We went to Mellow Mushroom and split some of their incredible garlic pretzels with beer cheese and I had the enlightened spinach salad. Bweekend6Saturday I got up early and forced myself to go out for a walk and ended up walking 7 miles! I've officially replaced my long runs with long walks.

On my favorite hiking trail I came across what I thought was a worm. I bent down to take a better look and quickly realized it was a baby snake when it lunged at me and hissed! I laughed out loud. How cute does he think he is? I pulled out my camera and was about to take a video of him when he slithered off.


That afternoon we went to see Mad Max in 3D. The last 3D movie I saw was one starring Michael Jackson that they played at Epcot in 1986. Seriously. I was expecting the glasses they gave us to have blue and red lenses. Aside from my sadly antiquated expectations the movie was amazing.

I thought we weren't going to get any snacks at the 2 p.m. showing so I ate about half a big bag of Target's Monster trail mix before going in. Well, of course once that smell of popcorn hit us we had to get a large one to share! I ate about half of that, and was happily waddling out of the theater, when Travis's asked if I wanted frozen yogurt. I said I was too full but I'd keep him company.

Guess what I did when I got there?

The photo below is of Travis's monstrosity, but I had a nice amount of chocolate and vanilla with about 5 different candy toppings. Bweekend4

We swung by Publix after to go grocery shopping. I didn't mind indulging so much on Saturday because I knew I had a pretty healthy menu set up for the week! Oh She Glow's Buddha Bowl + cauliflower quinoa kugel for dinner (pretty much all veggies with some protein) and a huge salad with lots of cheese and hard boiled eggs for lunch (pretty much all the delicious fats + some protein.)


We also stopped by Hobby Lobby and found these signs for our son's bedroom. They are perfect! We aren't setting up a 'nursery' per say. I'm trying to pick out things for his room that he'd like for years to come. We are going with a loose woodland animal/camping/adventure theme. The phrases on these signs are cliche and so overdone right now, but the colors are what we are hoping to go for (orange and teal/turquoise) and all 3 were $30 so we kind of had to. BWeekend2

Sunday we were on the road at 7 a.m. to go to the Blackwater Heritage Trail in Milton, FL. About halfway there (it's just over 2 hours away) Travis saw this poor kitten cowering in the middle of a busy intersection. We did a quick u-turn and went back to check on him. I was hoping he hadn't been hit by a car! We parked in front of a closed store and ran out to pick him up. He was NOT a happy kitty, but he seemed to be just scared. We put him off on the side of the road, where I took this photo, before I noticed he had a lot of those prickler things stuck on him. I had to pick him up by his scruff and hold his bottom feet while Travis quickly pulled them all off. I placed him back down and looked away for a second and when we looked back - he was gone! We put him in an empty lot with grass and a lot of old cars (it was next to an auto shop) so hopefully he just ran off to hide somewhere. Bweekend1

I told Travis we need to keep a bag of cat food in the trunk at all times for cases like this. I would have loved to have fed him a good meal before taking off! At the next gas station we stopped at I saw a small bag of Meow Mix for $1.99 so I picked it up. In the car I noticed it had expired in 2007. #CatLadyFail

We made it to the trail around 9:30. Travis got out his road bike and biked for about 75 minutes and I walked 5 miles (bringing my total mileage for the weekend to 12 - and my feet are definitely feeling it!) BweekendOn the way home we stopped in Defuniak Springs to meet up with my parents for a picnic lunch. It was great to see them and it's funny to see how surprised they are at how much bigger I've gotten every time they see me. We walked around the downtown area for a bit before heading to Sonic for the guys to get ice cream sundaes.

Today we are taking it easy. We are going to spend some time at the pool, and may BBQ later. I'll probably spend the rest of my day grading online, and working on some blog projects. I'm working on a blog redesign and searching for layouts and designers I like. I'm starting to feel the time crunch with baby's due date quickly approaching. 15 weeks to go!

How was your weekend? What are you doing for Memorial Day?