September Workout Summary

I know I'm a few days late but I promise I actually met ALL my goals for September before the month ended! First, here is a recap of August:

August Summary:

Minutes exercised: 1661

Miles walked/hiked/ran: 63.75


September Summary:

Minutes exercised: 2204

Miles walked/hiked/ran: 63.61

I'm pretty shocked at the substantial increase in minutes spent exercising! I know it's due to the 7 hours of hiking we did as well as a few very long walks. I'm SO happy that I met all of my goals for the month!

Goal 1: 10 mile hike - Done!

Goal 2: 5k in under 35 minutes - Killed it!

Goal 3: 15 push-ups #PROOF!

It's taken me a few months to finally reach 15 push-ups so I'm ridiculously excited about accomplishing that goal.

Now the fun part - setting October's goals! We won't have time to hike this month but we are aiming to do a 12-15 miler in November. We don't have any shared goals this month so here are our individual ones:


18 push-ps

5k under 33 minutes


7 pull-ups

5k under 30 minutes

1" loss around waist

Finally, look what Matt got framed!

What are your health/fitness goals for the month?