Shipwreck Island in Panama City Beach, Florida

This weekend Travis and I loaded up the car with about a weeks worth of drinks and snacks and headed down to Panama City Beach, Florida to spend the day at Shipwreck Island. I can't believe how much my freckles are coming out after spending so much time by the pool this Summer! Shipwreck4

I had fond memories of Shipwreck Island after going there as a child for a field trip. I hadn't been back since then (probably 20 years ago) so it was a lot of fun just walking around and remembering being there before. I put the money for tickets into one of the 'date night' envelopes I made for Travis's Date Box for Christmas. Now that we are in 'save every penny we can' mode for the move I'm so happy I decided to do that for him as a gift! We still have 3 awesome dates left to go on.

I knew that being pregnant would prevent me from going on most of the slides at the park, but I certainly didn't mind spending more time in the lazy river instead. Shipwreck2

I read online before we arrived that they sold funnel cake (along with all the traditional awesome theme park junk food.) So, we couldn't pass up getting some when we finally spotted the stand that sold them. Travis was in heaven. I can honestly say this weekend was the first that I've given zero cares about eating healthy while pregnant. I've had ice cream every day, I ate a bag of marshmallows in 48 hours, had nachos for dinner Saturday night and pizza for dinner Sunday night. It's been glorious. Shipwreck3


It was fun to play videographer while Travis went on the slides. I didn't mind sitting down in the sun waiting on him as it was such a gorgeous day out.

Between each slide we'd either go do a lap in the lazy river, or spend time in their wave pool. We kept floating by the kids area and talking about how much fun it would be to bring our kid/s back here some day!Shipwreck1

I was worried I'd be too hot, or get sun burned, but we ended up staying almost the entire day. My feet are killing me from walking around on the burning cement all day, but otherwise it was such a fun time! Here's my "almost 28 weeks" shot (I'll be 28 weeks and have my next OB appointment today.)ShipwreckWhen we got home around 6 we both said we were going to shower and go immediately to bed. I love the kind of exhaustion that comes from spending all day in the sun. It's such a happy tired.

How was your weekend? When's the last time you went to a theme/water park?