Signs of a successful weekend

Waking up Sunday sore (from running 20 miles) and slightly hungover (from one glass of wine to many on a great first date.) But, before we get into all those juicy details, let me put my thing down flip it and reverse it back to Friday night.

In order for me to  best enjoy my time out Saturday I wanted to get most of my weekend chores done before hand. I went grocery shopping:

2013-10-04 15.36.06-1I'm tres excited to be trying out a new recipe for lunch this week - pumpkin quinoa! I'm going to roast some acorn squash to have with it. Fall basically just spewed itself all over my meals this week and I am so okay with that.

I also had to picked up my ritual Friday night sushi:

2013-10-04 16.21.50Just looking at that makes me want to go run out and buy more. I'm going to have to start allocating a portion of my food budget just to sushi. I already have a category just for my PB2 obsession.

When I came home I had 2 packages waiting for me.

2013-10-04 16.14.41-1Puma shoes for a Fitfluential campaign I'll be working on this week and a box full of Vega goodies! I recently became a Team Vega Ambassador and absolutely love every product of theirs that I've tried. The brand is definitely pricey, but you get what you pay for with quality ingredients.

This brings us to Saturday morning and my 20-miler. With tropical storm Karen being a total douche and trying to ruin our weekend I anticipate the run being tough. It ended up not raining on us at all but the humidity was nearly 100%. We had water stations at miles 5, 10 & 13 and after the mile 10 break I knew the rest of the run wasn't going to go well. I started to get a horrific side cramp which stayed with me for about a mile before finally going away. It was so hot out the thought of eating anything made me want to hurl so I only ate about 150 calories on the run. By mile 17 I started to walk for a minute about every half mile and by mile 18 I stopped with a friend to walk most of the last two miles.

I came home and immediately assumed the fetal position.

2013-10-05 10.00.51I really, really hate runs like these. Not because I can't get past the physical pain, but because they make me question if I'll be able to finish the marathon. I know I will, but it's discouraging to be struggling so much on long runs with the race 5 weeks away!

After the run I tried to take a nap since I wanted to be all rested up to go out later. My body was so exhausted it couldn't even fall asleep. I ended up dozing on and off for about 90 minutes and chugging coffee before I left the house. It worked!

I failed at getting a good selfie before the date. He looked better anyways.

2013-10-05 17.29.56We went to dinner at Global Grill, one of my absolute favorite restaurants in town, and I had a few of my favorite tapas there as well as some new ones (tempura fried asparagus is my new bff.) Two hours flew by and we made it over to the Saenger just in time for the Symphony. The music was incredible but we decided to cut out at intermission so we could go have a drink somewhere. The entire evening was just perfect. He's charming, devastatingly handsome, intelligent and a total southern gentlemen (drawl and all.) A testament to how much I enjoyed his company:  I considered eating fish last night. I didn't .... but I've been thinking of going pescatarian for a few months now and he's an avid fisher so if we continue to hang out I think it's only a matter of time.

It's Sunday morning now, the skies are getting dark with a weakened Karen finally making an appearance, and all I've got on the agenda today is an hour or so of food prep.

I feel happy.