Single Serve 100 Calorie Microwave Chocolate Cake

Does that even sound possible? If you haven't noticed from my previous post (single serve microwave peanut butter cookie) I'm on a bit of a healthy dessert kick. A part of me is hoping I will stumble upon a recipe that is similar enough to vitatops that I can stop spending the $30 a month on them that I currently am.

{Wishful Thinking}

This recipe comes from Katie over at WishandWhimsy. The only modification I made to her recipe was using 1 Tb of all-purpose flour instead of coconut, and 1/4 cup of egg beaters instead of 2 egg whites. Take a look at her original recipe here.

It was really tempting to eat the entire bowl of batter before it made it to the microwave!

I cooked mine for 2:15 and was immediately impressed with how fluffy and cake-like the recipe turned out. The PB Cookie I made last time is more crunchy and less moist - not bad, per say, but definitely different.

Next time I think I'll cook it a bit longer (2:30) and maybe sub in a tablespoon of applesauce for part of the egg whites. It also wasn't as sweet as I would prefer but I'm working on how to improve that without adding calories. Clearly, this is a work in progress and I'll just have to keep making them daily until I hit the jackpot!

After class tonight I came home and indulged in one of my favorite treats - popcorn! The jumbo kernels were on sale at Publix this week so I picked them up for the first time.

They were not at all jumbo but that certainly didn't stop me from eating the entire bowl.

Salem's been taking care of me while I've been sick in bed most of the day. He's actually a pretty lousy nurse. All he does is get poop stuck on his butt and sleep all day. I was so excited to get a photo of him mid-yawn though!

He looks like he's getting into the Halloween spirit early with those fangs!

Random topic that I need opinions on: I'll be turning 29 next week and I've been reading fellow bloggers who are approaching 30 and their 'bucket lists' of things to accomplish before then. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I guess the only reason I'm apprehensive is because I hate setting goals and not reaching them and I can imagine freaking out a few months before I turn 30 if I don't have all my 'things' done and I don't want to end this decade with a 30-life crisis!

So, should I make up a list of things I'd like to do before I'm out of my 20's?