Six:02 Fitness Clothing Store Review & Giveaway (CLOSED)

This post is sponsored by SIX:02. They have ridiculously cute fitness shoes & apparel at great prices! 

What is SIX:02?

SIX:02 IS THE PREMIERE WOMEN'S FITNESS STORE. SIX:02 is a moment in time — "It's Your Time." Our name reflects the minutes or hours we encourage each woman to take for herself — to work out and stay fit, and to invest in feeling and being her best. The name is meant to inspire!

  • 6:02 — the time you wake up to go to the gym!
  • 6:02 — the time you leave work to attend your spin class!
  • 6:02 — the mile you aspire to run, or beat!

SIX:02 — a whole new retail experience that goes beyond just shopping. Take pride in your appearance, love your exercise, and strive to achieve your goals. SIX:02 is about more than fitness fashion; it's about offering today's active women choices, advice, and inspiration. It's about a feeling of community and connection, where you come first.

A few weeks ago SIX:02 reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in reviewing some of their products and hosting a giveaway to share their awesomeness with you guys. After scoping out their site I agreed and anxiously awaited my box (specifying only that I love to run!) I was floored when I received a new outfit and MY FIRST PAIR OF BROOKS!



I buy almost all of my shoes & clothing off online discount sites and the prices at SIX:02 were the same, if not BETTER. Plus, they have WAY more to chose from! I am super picky about the stuff I run in and this new top by adidas has already been worn numerous times. I can't stand it when shirts ride up on me or cling to me and this top does neither. The pants are a bit bright for my boring style but they are comfy! I can't stand low or tight waistbands and these are comfortable enough to wear just lounging around the house. IMG_7843


As for my thoughts on the Brooks ... I didn't love them. I really, really wanted to. I'm so used to my super light mizuno's that I've been running in for the last year that these felt a bit heavy and clunky. I've got a lot of trail running in my future preparing for my 50k in February so these will be my go-to shoe for that. IMG_7853So when is my SIX:02 moment? It's 5:15! It's 6 days a week when my alarm goes off then and I either jump or crawl out of bed (hey, not every morning goes well) and head out to crush some miles. I have some huge running goals coming up in the next 6 months and they only way I will get there is by making the decision EVERY DAY to take time for myself and do the best I can do.

Now for the best part.

You can enter twice, just leave a separate comment on this post letting me know that you

The giveaway will close Thursday night at midnight (CST) so check back on Friday to see if you get to do some free shopping!


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