Spa Salad

One of my favorite places to eat in town is Roly Poly. Every time we go I always get their spa salad - it's absurdly healthy at only 250 calories and stuffed with the tastiest and freshest ingredients. After spending almost $8 every time I finally decided to try and recreate the salad at home. Their spa salad includes walnuts, dried cranberries, alfalfa sprouts, a plum tomato, mushrooms, carrots, green bell pepper and avocado. They'll use a bed of spinach as the base and add balsalmic dressing on the side. I must confess that in my 28  years of living I have never purchased and prepared an avocado until today. It wasn't nearly as traumatizing as I anticipated.

The salad was an absolute replica of the inspiration one from Roly Poly and the sensation I experience realizing I can now have my favorite salad 24/7 at home must be what a religious experience feels like.