Spirit of the Marathon

It's easy to forget why I wake up at 4:40 a.m. 5 days a week. With the stress of training over the last few months I've lost focus on why I'm sacrificing time, sleep, and a significant amount of energy on running.

Sunday - I got a massive reminder.

MarathonI've had friends telling me since I started marathon training that I needed to watch this. I wanted to wait until I hit a low point in my training, where I started questioning if I could actually do it, and that time happened this weekend. After my challenging 20-miler Saturday I finally sat down and watched Spirit of the Marathon on Netflix.

I was crying before the opening credits finished. It chronicles 5 people as they prepare for the Chicago Marathon. As much as I loved watching the people train and following their journey to the finish line I think I was more interested in the history of the race. Honestly, I'm surprised at myself that I haven't done more digging on marathons. About all I knew was the original story of the messenger in Greece who collapsed and died after running 25 miles (how ominous is that.)

If your interested at all in running, not just a marathon, I cannot encourage you enough to watch this! I promise it will make you want to put your shoes on and go outside for a run immediately.


For my marathon running friends - what  do you do to stay motivated toward the tail end of your training?