Staying Motivated to Workout the Last Month of Pregnancy


I cannot believe I made it to my last month of pregnancy already! When I first became pregnant I didn't want to go into the next nine months with unrealistic fitness goals that would leave me feeling like a failure if I wasn't able to keep up. I've followed along enough healthy living bloggers as they've become pregnant and had children and knew it was totally possible to stay active until the very end. I also knew that not every body is the same, and there was no way to tell how I'd be feeling through the first trimester, at 20 weeks, or here at the 8 month mark.

Thankfully, I've been able to stay motivated and keep pushing toward the very end! I've had to adjust my type of workouts and level of intensity but I'm still active 5-6 days a week and I always feel so much better after working out.

My favorite physical activity? Walking down to our neighborhood pool! My pool necessities: A magazine, snack, electrolytes, and sunscreen. IMG_9541

The walk to the pool and back is half a mile, so that 10-15 minutes of exercise right there. The pool makes every ache and pain I have go away immediately - it's like magic.

When I'm in the water I'll do walking laps back and forth. If I'm there with Travis we will usually stand around in one corner talking and I'll do some leg lifts and kicks while holding onto the side of the pool. It just feels great to be able to freely move around without my swollen ankles or 30+ pounds of extra weight getting in the way.

My other go-to fitness activity is walking. You have no idea how hard I had to suck in and bend over to get most of my shoes in this shot. Little man is hogging the camera already.Treadmill

I will use the treadmill at the gym if I didn't get my walk in early enough (to avoid the higher temperatures) but I really prefer walking outside. I love the fresh air and sunshine, but I have to be extra careful now as pregnancy makes you more likely to burn. I've upped my SPF to 70 from the 30-50 I normally use and haven't had any issues!IMG_9567

I'm not a fan of gunky sunscreen that doesn't rub in easily or leaves a weird film on you. I love NEUTROGENA® CoolDry Sport because it seriously evaporates the moment you rub it in. It's non-sticky, lightweight, and has some serious UVA/UVB  protection.

Even if I had to stop working out tomorrow I am so proud of how far I've been able to push it in this pregnancy. Of course I don't push it like I used to pre-pregnancy, but most days I wake up feeling like I want to do anything but workout, and I'll drag myself to my closet, put on my workout clothes, and tell myself I can at least do 20 minutes of walking or some body-weight exercises at home. Every single time I feel better and more energized after.


I'm definitely looking forward to getting back to high intensity workouts post-baby. I've got so many bucket list items I'd love to accomplish while we are in Alaska. They have an ultramarathon there every year and I could always try to climb Mt. McKinley ...

How do you try to #PushFurther in your health and fitness?

This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Neutrogena.