Stealing & Shopping

This weekend recap is a bit pic obese so I'll try to keep my yapping to a minimum!

Started off Saturday with a 2 mile run. My feet are still screwed. I've been doing a bit of research online and I believe it's tendonitis on the top/sides of both feet. The pain travels a bit, but seems to be centralized on my right upper foot. If I try to curl my toes under I can feel the tendons 'pop', much like I did on my Achilles when they were to tight. So, I'm just going to continue not running and focusing more on building back the strength/flexibility I lost during marathon training. I've already lost most of my marathon weight gain and am fitting back in to my pre-training pants so I think cutting back on the carb loading and building lean muscle is doing the trick. 2013-11-23 07.09.31After my workout I headed over to fort walton to hang out with Mom for a bit. I also wanted to take advantage of their free laundry & car cleaning! While I was there I went through my Christmas boxes. When I downsized to my studio I had to give them a few big boxes to store and wanted to pull some things out to decorate with. Since I'm moving in December I didn't wan to go all out but I still want some festivity in my house and office. I came across all the ornaments that one guy and I collected from each of the places we visited. I think this year they'll actually make it on to the tree. They are my memories too after all. 2013-11-23 12.33.35I also raided Mom's antique collection. She's been inheriting the coolest stuff from her family and I try to steal some whenever I'm there. She wouldn't let me take this, but this was my great grandmothers grandmother's engagement ring! It was handmade in the 1890's with pearls and ruby's. 2013-11-23 12.39.27Something I was allowed to take home was this gorgeous opal necklace that belonged to my great, great grandmother. Totally priceless. 2013-11-23 12.47.03I also made out with a ton of her peanut butter. As in, the rest of the jar that was opened in the pantry. Toward the end I had the genius idea of throwing some chocolate chips in. 2013-11-23 13.04.26Finally, I brought home a few Christmas DVD's to watch. This is only HALF of her Christmas DVD collection. Obsessed much? {and I love her for it!} 2013-11-23 13.27.35

2013-11-23 13.28.36 We went to Target to grab a few things and I picked up this USB powered flickering Christmas tree. It was so stinking cute I had to go back the next day and get one for my boss (also a Christmas fanatic.)2013-11-23 16.02.39Sunday I did one of the hardest DVD's I own - Booty Barre + Abs & Arms. I curse like a sailor doing this workout and usually have to stop a few times and pant on the floor. Both signs of a great routine!2013-11-24 08.10.58My meal prep was virtually non-existent this week.

Lunch: Steamed garlic & lemon broccoli with faux hotdogs and a bit of mayo

Snack: Cottage Cheese

Dinner: Faux chicken veggie salad

I tried Chocolate Mint Arctic Zero for the first time ... in love. People either love or hate Arctic Zero and I'm a huge fan. For 150 calories in the whole pint I can't complain that it tastes like glorified frozen water. I think the trick is to heat it up in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds first. I don't know why but that makes it seem much more creamy.

2013-11-23 15.22.24I've been on a huge cottage cheese kick lately. I'm going through about 2 tubs a week! Last week I tried adding a bit of cocoa powder and stevia to it and immediately fell in love. 95% of you will think it's the grossest thing you've ever tried and are probably gagging right now, but a few of you will love it. If you love cottage cheese, and think it sounds at all appetizing you should try it. I've been making a cup of it at least once a day! 190 calories and 26 grams of protein. Bam. 2013-11-24 11.23.31When I was at Target picking up that USB tree for my boss I happened to walk by this hat. I tweeted it to see what the consensus was and had to buy it. I've never worn a hat before in my life. It has this urban indiana jones vibe to it. I'm feeling it. 2013-11-24 09.26.30I also picked up my first pair of ankle boots (can you tell how unfashionable I am?) I don't have any boots anymore and wanted a pair to wear with jeans and to work. These are super comfy. I also noticed how BOSS my calf muscles are now thanks to marathon training. 2013-11-24 09.57.05Of course I had to get a new scarf to go with the hat. I rarely buy new clothes, or anything aside from health foods, so I'm happy with my little splurge.2013-11-24 10.57.53What was the last fashion trend you tried?