Struggling to Lose Weight? Five LIES You Tell Yourself That Are Keeping You Fat.


After losing 50 pounds, and working with dozens of women in their quest to lose weight, I've noticed a few patterns with people who are struggling to lose weight. If you have been struggling to lose weight you might be sabotaging your weight loss by believing one of these lies that you tell yourself. There is going to be some tough love in here! can't lose weight

Lie: I don't have time to workout.

Truth: I'm prioritizing other things (like sleep) over working out.

As a work-at-home Mom of a 9 month old I get it. I really, really, do. There are some nights I get 4-5 hours of sleep broken up into 3 segments and I'm exhausted. There are days where I have a huge blog deadline and 4 hours of grading to get done and little man wants to play "pull every book off the bookshelf."

An hour is only 4% of your day. Thirty minutes is only 2%! You can find 30 minutes to workout. If you only have 30 minute to spare I highly recommend T25 (I'm NOT a beachbody coach and you can buy it straight from Amazon without having to go through a coach.) It's the most effective shorter duration home workout I've done for fat loss.

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I can't afford to eat healthy.

Truth: I don't want to cook.

Yes, processed foods can be more inexpensive. A frozen burrito for $2 sure beats a head of broccoli for $2 in terms of convenience and the most calories. However, you can get a pound of lentils for the same price which are an amazing source of protein and can be used a hundred different ways (check out my Pinterest board for some great recipe ideas.)

You may also be prioritizing other expenses over healthy foods. Before getting married I lived on my own very comfortably with under $2,000 a month and always ate pretty healthy. I budgeted $50 a week for groceries, and happily gave up things like cable, coffee out, or getting my nails done to make sure I could keep eating well.

I am too busy.

Truth: No matter how busy you are there is someone else who is busier, and still working out regularly.

Before I had kids people would say, "oh - just wait until you have a kid then you won't have time to workout as much as you do." Wrong. Now, with one kid, I hear "oh - just wait until you have two kids and then you won't have time to workout as much as you do." Wrong.

If you are a single working mom with two kids who thinks you are too busy to workout there's a single working mom of three kids who's training for a marathon. Again, it comes down to priorities. Do you find time to eat every day? Shower? Brush your teeth? Make working out a non-negotiable in your life and treat it as you would an important work appointment. Show up on time and be ready to give it your best.

I have XX medical condition/injury.

Truth: You can always find a way to improve your health.

For most of my 20's I dealt with an untreated thyroid disorder. I didn't have health insurance and couldn't afford doctors appointments and medication. Finally I found a very cheap clinic and had blood work done confirming what a doctor suspected a decade earlier, I had Hashimotos Thyroiditis. One of the main symptoms is fatigue, and slow metabolism. Before starting synthroid I was exhausted 24/7. I woke up more tired than I was when I went to sleep, but I still worked out 5-6x a week.

Working out made me feel amazing, and gave me energy. Sure, it maybe took a bit more motivation to get started than someone else would need but I still got it done. Of course there are some medical conditions or injuries that make working out very difficult, but in those cases you can always focus on cleaning up your diet. I firmly believe that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise.

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It's going to be too hard.

Truth: It's going to be hard.

I've found that some of my clients are afraid to commit 100% to my online boot camps. When I talk to them further I find most are afraid of failing. They are afraid they will commit, and fall off the wagon. They will snap and eat a bag of Oreos one night or skip the workouts for a few days and just throw in the towel. Don't think that way! It's not about how many times you fall, it's about how well you can get back on track. Jillian Michaels gave a great example in one of her books; if you are out driving and get a flat tire do you get out and slash the other three tires? No! You patch up the tire and get back on the road.

Giving up your current lifestyle of comfort foods and spending your mornings sleeping in versus working out will be hard. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and willpower. It is so damn worth it though.

Do you fall into any of these traps?