My First Postpartum Race + FREE Sub 30 5k Training Plan

I put together the perfect 12 week training plan to sub 30 minutes in a 5k! This plan will help you get your goal of coming in under 30 minutes and it's perfect for beginners. I'm so excited I finally found the perfect postpartum 5k race. While I still entertain thoughts of doing the Equinox marathon here next September, that's a long ways away, and I know I need to focus on smaller goals first. So, I did a bit of hunting and I came across one of the coolest races; Beat Beethtoven 5k. 12 week sub 30 minute 5k Training plan

If you complete the 5k before Beethtoven's Fifth Symphony is over (approximately 31 minutes) then you get a free ticket to the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra. How cool is that?! The cost of the race registration almost pays for itself if you can complete the run in under 31 minutes. I'm pretty confident I can come in under 30 minutes, but it will definitely require some dedicated training on my part. Plus, the average temperature on race day is 44 which will make it the coldest race I've ever run. I'll be doing almost all of my training on my new treadmill, but I will plan to start doing weekend runs outside once it gets above 20 degrees again.

I also need to start practicing running on snow and ice! That's what I'm most nervous about. The only way I'll get used to it is to run in it so that's what I'll do. Thankfully we have unseasonably high temperatures here this week (in the 20's!) so I'm going to try to run a bit outside since Travis is off for the Holidays.

Below is the training plan I will be using. Right now I can comfortably run a 5k at a 12 minute pace. I'll start this plan in a few weeks and think it will be challenging, but realistic. Hopefully someone else has plans for a sub 30 5k this Spring and can train with me! I forgot to add it to the image below but the goal pace for race day is 9:35. Also, if 3 days of strength training is too much you can definitely just do 2 days. I just prefer aiming to workout six days a week (although I certainly manage only 5 days on busy weeks!)

Winter 5k training plan sub 30

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In addition to getting to a sub 30 5k, I love this plan because it sets you up to start training for a half marathon. With weekend long runs hitting 6 miles, one could easily train to finish a half in an additional three months. A half marathon pace of 10:30-11 is feasible leading to a sub 2:30 finish!

Anyone else training for a race this Spring? 

Do you use a formal plan or wing it?