Sunday Evening Photography

We headed downtown last night to play around with my new camera and get a bit of exercise in after dinner. It was unbelievably hot yesterday. Our house didn't get below 80 degrees all afternoon and the moment we went outside we were drenched. Sexy, I know. Matt was the designated photographer last night and tried to snap some photos of me. I'm a pretty horrible person to try to photograph. I tend to go boneless as soon as I feel a camera pointed at me. Really. Look.

If I feel like I'm being put on the spot in a photo - as in someone looks directly at me and says "Smile!" - then my immediate reaction is collapsing onto the floor. Take an impromptu photo of me doing something natural and I'm totally fine. Like, harassing an old man walking by.

Or faux running.

Matt took some cool photos when I wasn't looking.

Then made me kiss a horse.