Taking Skin Cancer Prevention Seriously


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In 2012 I had my first (and hopefully last) skin cancer scare. I noticed a discolored flat patch on my scalp. It was irregular shaped, and was slightly multicolored. Both typical warning signs of skin cancer. It was the same year I started running and the thought to use sunscreen on my scalp (or wear a hat) had never occurred to me.

Thankfully, after a trip to the dermatologist office, I was given the all clear. I finally started taking sun protection seriously. Growing up I tanned - a lot. I worked in two different tanning salons post-high school and 'tanning was part of the uniform!' Between the ages of 21-26 I tanned a few times a week. I was also making horrible hair color decisions.


I finally quit, and after my trip to the dermatologist I started using Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF 30 twice a day.

This month UnitedHealthcare is focusing on skin care education with their 'We Dare You to Share' program.  The goal of this program is to get people to take small steps to live a little bit healthier every day, whether that is by eating healthier, or practicing healthier activities. I love this program because it's approach to health is the same one I try to take. Small changes, day after day, lead to huge results.

The three dares for July:

July Dares

  • Share a photo of you using sun protection for a chance to win an outdoor canopy
  • Test your smarts by taking a quick skin health quiz to win a $400 massage gift certificate
  • Watch the “Skin Cancer” short video and share your opinions on the topic to win a $400 pre-paid gift card

For all of the dares there's a chance to win a weekly $25 gift card. I completed all three in under 5 minutes so it's a super easy way to possibly win some fun prizes!