The Best Dinner Ever & Salem Goes Back to the Vet

Thank you all so much for your kind comments about Salem! I woke up Monday and he seemed to be doing okay. As I was eating breakfast I noticed he would go to the litter box about every 15 minutes and I'd jump up to go watch him and see what he would .... produce. Nothing was coming out. For 2 hours this continued and just before 8 a.m. I called the Dothan Animal Hospital to see if they could get him in that day. The receptionist was super sweet and said to head on in and they'd see him right away. I was worried he was blocked. If a male cat becomes blocked he can die within 24 hours. I remember cats coming into the clinic I worked at who were blocked and it almost always required surgery and the bill was astronomical. One cat got blocked so many times that they actually changed the shape of his genitals to that of a female to avoid getting blocked again in the future.

When I put Salem in the carrier he was not happy. We got to the clinic and were quickly put into one of the Exam rooms. Salem started to tell me how upset he was.

The Veterinarian I saw was great. He didn't do any unnecessary tests and really focused in on just the urinary issues (the skin rash on his neck and diarrhea we'll look at treating once this is resolved if need be.) He felt his bladder and could tell he wasn't blocked. Yay! He said that a cat could become blocked in a matter of hours though so to be on the lookout for signs (extreme lethargy, crying, not eating/drinking and not responsive.) He thinks Salem going to the bathroom every 15 minutes and not peeing wasn't because he was blocked, but because he was swollen and sore down there so he kept feeling the 'pressure' to go, but it wasn't his bladder signaling that. He administered a steroid injection to reduce the swelling. Salem had also been dragging his butt along the floor a lot (so much fun to clean up) and the steroid should help with inflammation in that region as well.

Steroids suppress the immune system and since his immune system is already compromised, and he was still having blood in his urine, the Vet gave a second injection of a long acting antibiotic. I am to continue the Clavamox 2x a day as well and the Vet said it may take a few days but things should start to improve.

It's so nice having Travis home after his weekend trip so I'm not the only one on 24/7 Salem watch. When his brother, Prince, passed away at 18 months he was sick for a week before and I never left his side. It was so emotionally exhausting.

Salem spent the rest of the day going back and forth to the box, laying with me, and eating. He's still acting pretty normal so that's always a great sign.

In much better news I made THE BEST DINNER EVER. It's Β been a few months since I've made these loaded sweet potato fries and I had forgotten how good they were.

Sweet potato froesThe high tomorrow is 78. Seventy-freaking-eight. I am SO not ready for Summer. I went on a 4 mile run/walk yesterday and the humidity about killed me. Thankfully it's going to cool off again later in the week but this is just giving me dread over the 100+ degree days heading our way in a matter of months. Bah humbug.