The End of Happiness.

The Challenge at least! It has been 30 Days since I issued my Happiness Challenge and, overall, I didn't stick to the guidelines but I definitely increased the amount of time I spent thinking about others and what I'm grateful for - total win! I wanted to go out with a bang so I thought of some little surprises I could send my favorite people.

Josh (my brother) got this Easter card. It's a play on a running joke we have. Whenever we're all back at my parents house Josh and I tend to eat ridiculous amounts of food (he's' the typical poor college student and I just love to eat) and it's only a matter of time before one of us says "omg I can't breathe" or his favorite "dude, I'm totally going to get sick."


I had these ridiculously cute flowers delivered to my Mom at work! easter

My Dad was recently promoted so I sent him a congratulatory card and a gift card to Panera's. He actually doesn't care for Paneras (he has celiacs so it's hard to find much there for him) but I told him to use it to get bagels/pastries to bring in to work one day - because everybody loves the guy who brings free food in!


For the last video I wanted to share this amazing discussion on how to empower yourself to make the choice to be happy right now. The quality isn't great but I promise this is one of the most profound videos I've ever watched! For some reason it won't let me embed it but please take a look at it here.

Want to do the Challenge yourself? Feel free to download the guide in the original post!



Before you go please check out the two articles I wrote for Blisstree this week! Would love to hear your feedback on them in the comment section over there :)

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What are you most grateful for today?