The only thing to do here is shop (and nurse in cars)


We spent the day shopping Sunday because it's the only thing we can really do outside when it's -3 out (as it was Sunday afternoon.) If we didn't have the baby we could go to the movies, out to eat, or even Bingo, but between nursing every two hours and not being able to predict when he may have a melt down (which is rare) we stick to going places where we can make a quick exit. The entire town is white now. It's so gorgeous.

Snow trees

Whenever we go out it's inevitable I will end up nursing in our car. The last two times we drove through Carl Jr's and I ate fries and jalapeno poppers while nursing. I still consider myself eating for two. Car nursing

I got to do some shoe shopping for an upcoming sponsored post and picked up some Christmas Cookie body wash/bubble bath from Philosophy. After spending my day entertaining little man it's so nice to relax in a steaming hot bath after Travis gets home. I've been looking for products to use in my mommy sanctuary like Lush bath bombs and bubble bath. If you know of anything else bath related that I can put on my Christmas list let me know!ShoppingI keep meaning to take photos of my poor, neglected, cats to share on here. The fur babies have adjusted well to the human baby and not being able to sleep in our room anymore.IMG_0721I've had a lot on my mind that I want to share on here but finding the time to write is difficult. I've been wrestling with the decision to work outside the home, adjusting to my new Mom identity and new zip code, and debating on when the best time to try for baby #2 would be (we've only got 34 months before we make another cross-countries move again and I'd like to time it better this time so we don't have a baby right before!)

It's still surreal how much my life has changed in a few months. My life revolves around this little face for now, and it couldn't be more perfect.

Those far trendier than I am; what can I wear with those new brown boots?