The Perfect Weekend

Well, if I had won the lottery or been out of the country it would have been, but it was still pretty close to perfect! Saturday morning I tackled one of my biggest fitness goals yet - a 10 mile run. It wasn't pretty, at all, but I finished it.

2012-12-15 09.23.41

It was also the first time I got to try out my Polar Heart Rate monitor - 1105 calories burned! Significantly higher than what RunKeeper said. I'm going to use the monitor a few more times and write up a full review asap. So far, I love it and I'm glad I can get an accurate assessment of calories burned so I can make sure I'm eating enough. I definitely focused more on carbs after my run this week and I have felt SO much better than I did after my 9 mile last weekend.

That evening I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in ages and we spent the night sitting outside at the Fish House (local seafood restaurant/bar). It was wonderful to catch up with her and at one point in the evening she asked me what my 5 year plan was. I didn't have a solid answer, which is incredibly strange for me. I think after the break-up I went into 'survival mode'...just taking everything a day at a time, making sure I had enough money to pay bills, a job the next term, and a house I could afford. Now that is all settled and I'm planning on spending a significantly amount of time this week trying to find out what MY goals are for the next few years. After a year of having shared goals with someone I'm quite looking forward to being entirely selfish and thinking only of what I want and what will make me happy.

Sunday I spent the afternoon wrapping presents. I pulled out all the Christmas wrap I got at Target last year 90% off after the Holidays and put on some Christmas tunes. 2012-12-16 12.47.08

I love how wrapping is something that always sounds so lovely in theory, but 5 minutes into it I'm thinking "screw this I want to kick back with some spiked eggnog." It took me about 2 hours all together but the end result is so worth it!



Family tradition dictates that we rarely use our names in the 'from' section on the gift tags. We usually use some fictional character, celebrity or sarcastic remark. Last year Dad got a present from Hannah Montana.


Sunday also included a quick trip to Target where I picked up a much needed zip-up sweater. I found this awesome one in the kids section. Ladies, if you normally wear a size small I cannot stress enough how much you need to start looking in kids sections! I always get my Jeans from Old Navy kids and pay $20 for a new pair. This jacket was $20 and the one's in the womens section were $30. I love that it matches my hair perfectly!

2012-12-16 15.07.34

Sunday night I came up with THE BEST sweet black bean soup recipe ever. I'm blown away by how phenomenal it tastes and how filling it is (while still only being 200 calories per serving). I promise to get the recipe up asap!

Finally, I desperately  need your opinions! I've narrowed down the new kitchen table I want to two possibilities. I currently have a glass one and I like them, but kind wanted something different (hence the wood one). However, I'm afraid that the wood will be to dark for my small studio. Also, they will be within 8 feet of my sofa set so here's what that looks like again for reference:

sofa set

So, Table 1 - The only drawback is anytime I do food photography (1-2 times a week) I'll have to put a table cloth down since I can't photograph on a glass surface.


Or Table 2 - which reviewers have said looks darker in person


I use my table as a desk to work on so I spend a significant amount of time there! I'm absolutely torn equally between each one. Help!