The Week in Workouts & A Very Special P.S.A.

Workout Wrap Up

July 12

Marathon training starts next week and I've been trying to push myself a bit faster/longer on runs to gear up for it. I was ecstatic when I hit 10 miles on Saturday! Even though it was pouring rain it was an incredible run thanks to the lower temperature. I even got to rock curly hair the rest of the day. 2013-07-06 08.46.23

As you can see in both workout photos I've been eating egg white oats all week. I tried them last weekend after reading about them on Andrea's blog. I can taste the egg just a little bit but I don't mind since it makes the oats super fluffy and adds 6 grams of protein for only 25 more calories. I don't add them every morning but I make sure to if I did a heavy strength workout.

2013-07-10 07.24.03Monday night I had a traumatic experience. I woke myself up around 1 a.m. from scratching my arms so badly they were almost bleeding. I didn't really register what was going on so I went back to sleep only to wake up doing the same thing 20 minutes later. I went to the bathroom and saw I had 2 huge bites on my left arm. I looked around the bed and couldn't see any bugs so I went back to sleep. Again, woke up shortly after clawing my skin off.

I went back to the bathroom and broke down crying I was getting so frustrated from not being able to sleep and having no idea what was biting me! I figured it was some crazy spider that was uber poisonous and I'd wake up half paralyzed. I drenched myself in bug spray and went to sleep on the couch around 2 a.m. and the damn bug followed me. This time I managed to kill it accidentally while I was scratching the latest bite and realized it was a mosquito. 2013-07-08 01.12.58Moving on to something more pleasant. Getting up at 5 a.m. to run isn't quite so bad when you have gorgeous sunrises to look forward to! 2013-07-09 06.28.42Aren't they incredible? From an iPhone no less!

2013-07-09 06.28.51-1The only thing I can think of more beautiful is this guy. I caught him like this as I left for work one day. Makes it pretty hard to leave! 2013-07-09 08.35.39-2Finally, I received some very bad news while at work yesterday. My cousin Blaire was killed in a car accident . She was driving alone with her puppy and somehow flipped her car and was partially ejected from the vehicle. Police suspect alcohol was involved and she was not wearing her seat belt. My Aunt and Uncle went to bed Wednesday night after Blaire cooked them dinner and were woken up Thursday morning by the police telling them they found her body on the side of the road.

Her dog stayed with her by her side the entire night. She was 24 years old. Friends please think before you drink and drive and always wear your seat belt.

It's just not worth it. Blaire