This is how you do a weekend

Saturday morning I woke up late for the first time in about a year. Of course it was a race day. I quickly shoved some oatmeal in my mouth as I ran around the house getting dressed before rushing out the door to run the Bayou Hills 10k. The course is notoriously hilly so I didn't go into the race with any expectations. Plus, since it was my first 10k race whatever time I finished in would be a PR! 2013-03-16 07.25.59I don't know if it was thank to the break I gave myself from working out/running last week but I was shocked that (my time) came in under 1 hour! The official time was 1:00:50 but I'm going to go with RunKeeper ;)

2013-03-16 09.39.52

I actually felt amazing after the race. Since I've been running 10-12 mile's on the weekend this was a nice 'break' and when my friend mentioned going biking up on Blackwater Heritage Trail in Milton that morning I couldn't pass it up! I haven't been on the bike much since my accident and it felt incredible to be riding again.

2013-03-16 14.00.41 14.5 miles! I couldn't believe it. I was on fire Saturday. I even had so much energy I actually went out that night. Gasp! I've only been going out for drinks about once a month lately so this was a rare occasion. I decided to leave my hair curly for a change and since so many of you ask to see what it looks like natural (I straighten it usually) here it is:

2013-03-16 18.41.05

I met up with some friends at the Wine Bar downtown and had a blast. Pensacola is such a strange city, it's very conservative and religious but trying to be progressive and liberal at the same time. Case in point - some 'Condom Nation' organization came by throwing out free condoms at people. Not even 20 minutes later the religious kids were out street preaching.

2013-03-17 09.54.00After two delicious glasses of wine I headed home with a belly full of cheese hoping to get to bed at a decent time so I could make it to a 7 a.m. yoga class Sunday. Success! I may not have been my normal  bright-eyed bushy-tailed self but I'm so glad I could make it. My schedule hasn't allowed me to take this particular instructor yet and I've heard rave reviews of him. I can see why! It was a hot yoga + conditioning class and it was perfect. All of the mental/flexibility benefits of more 'traditional' yoga plus an extra ass-kicking in the form of some body weight conditioning exercises.

2013-03-17 06.32.34

That afternoon I met up with one of my new neighbors for brunch at The Leisure Club. It's one of my favorite brunch spots in town. I love that their portions are tiny and you get to pick three items so it's fun to taste a lot and not over-eat! 2013-03-17 13.54.28

After brunch I headed to Fresh Market to pick up a few groceries for the weekly Food Prep I had planned for that afternoon. While drooling over their incredible produce section I had a guy approach me and ask if I was "Erica" and, after receiving confirmation, said that he followed me on Twitter. I died! This is the second time I've been 'spotted' before and I absolutely love it. If any of you ever see me out in public and feel like saying 'Hi' please do so! In case you couldn't tell already I'm pretty open/outgoing and I love meeting new people.

2013-03-17 15.00.42 (2)Along with my food prep I was also able to map out my workouts from now until the end of April. I'll share April's calendar closer to the end of this month but here's a look at what's on the agenda for March. I've stuck to somewhat of a routine for months now but it's nice to have it 'official' and in line with getting me ready for the half marathon on April 7th. While I plan on sticking to the calendar as much as possible I am human and if I really don't feel like working out or doing a specific routine that day I won't! Also, I will not be going to yoga on both Tuesday and Thursday's ... only one of those days but I'm leaving it open as to which day I feel like going.

March workoutLast up a peek at my food prep for the week! Lindsay has a fantastic post on how to food prep for the week so if your interested in getting started I'd strongly recommend you check out her blog post on it. Honestly, if I didn't set aside 2-3 hours on Sunday to food prep for the week I'm not sure if I'd be eating as healthy as I do on a daily basis. Making good decisions on what to eat is SO much easier when you have tons of healthy meals ready to be heated up! Here is what I made this week:

- Gardein 'chicken' tenders and steamed mixed veggies for my lunch salad (I top it with asian sesame dressing and have an apple on the side!)

- Carrots and parsnips roasted in coconut oil

- Roasted acorn squash (one I cut into big chunks and the other into smaller 'fries')

- Roasted brussel sprouts I marinated in Light Balsamic dressing

- A modified version of Angela's Buddha Bowl (the roasted broccoli, cauliflower and chickpea concoction!)


PLEASE don't forget to check and see if you are a winner in the NuNaturals giveaway. I've only heard from 1 of the 4 winners so far. If I don't receive addresses from the other 3 winners by midnight tonight I will select new winners.

How was your weekend? Do you food prep?