Thrifting, Running & Catting


Catting is a verb now. It's what I do on the weekends. I cat. Before catting Travis and I hit up a thrift store in Dothan. All of the proceeds to go the Wiregrass Humane Society so I was really hoping we could score some cool finds, but alas we left empty handed. If this shirt had been closer to my size (it was an XL) it definitely would have come home with me. 2015-02-21 12.40.14The back was advertising an obgyn office. Gotta love docs with a sense of humor.

Sunday was lazy cat day. Salem and Rudy fight over who gets the bed by the window (it was originally Salem's bed.) Whoever gets there first in the morning usually stays there for a few hours. Salem staked his claim to the position.

CatsA few hours later Rudy thought it was his turn. When one jumps up and another cat is already curled up there is usually a quick fight and the lose jumps down. Sometimes (this is the second time we've ever seen it) if the second cat approaches very slowly they'll actually lay down together. I immediately grab every phone/camera in the house and take a dozen photos. Most of which turn our blurry due to my cat lady excitement.IMG_8355 Sunday morning I went out for my first run in 3 weeks! It was perfect. It had rained a little bit that morning so the forest smelled amazing. I've been doing all my runs lately keeping my HR below 160. I've been reading a lot about low HR training lately and I really like the sound of it. Burns more fat, allows you to go further (slower) and overall taxes the body less than high intensity running. My pace is super slow now since I have to take a lot of walk breaks to keep my HR in the 150's but it's been a nice change of pace from focusing on ... well, pace.

WeekendThat night I made one of my favorite dishes; veggie packed pasta!

Veggie packed pastaI sautee one onion in a bit of olive oil, add morning star 'beef' crumbles and cook until heated through. Then I add a jar of Newman's Own Sockerooni (best pasta sauce ever.) While that's going I make up some gluten free pasta (I cook up about 2.5 cups), and steam one 16 oz. bag off frozen cauliflower, broccoli and carrots in the microwave. When the veggies are done I chop them up super teeny tiny (if I had a food processor I'd use it now) and add them to the pasta. It bulks up the dish with very little calories, gets your veggies in, and you seriously can't even taste them.

So that was our wild and crazy weekend. We just like to party hard sometimes.

How was your weekend?  What's your all time favorite dinner?