Timex Ironman OneGPS+ Review

I am fairly low maintenance when it comes to running. While I always bring my water bottle, phone, and GPS watch with me when I go out it's most for safety reasons (water bottle is a necessity nearly year round here!) Ideally I could leave some of it at home, but until now I didn't have a way to do so and still feel like I had everything I needed with me.

The Timex Ironman OneGPS+ has solved that problem!


When I first got the watch I thought it was huge. When I put it on the band was super stiff so it was kind of hard to manipulate on and off, but I'm sure it will become more flexible as I wear it. I was surprised by how super lightweight and not at all cumbersome it is. As you can see below it's a sizable watch, but it honestly felt no different than the smaller watches I'm used to wearing. Timex2

The set up was very straight-forward. I tend to get easily overwhelmed when it comes to tech stuff but this was as simple as plugging it into my computer to charge and entering an activation code. Once the phone was on the first time it automatically prompted me to enter in some basic info (time/date, height, weight) and that was it!

I immediately loved it for how quickly it locked into GPS. With my old watch it could easily take up to 30 seconds, and me wandering around looking for a good signal. Every time I've used this watch so far (a few times from home and once in the woods this past weekend) it picked up signal within 5 seconds.

This is what the main start screen looks like. The touch screen is very easy to use. I was worried it wouldn't be very responsive, or even too responsive, but I've had zero issues with it.


I took it with me on my run/walk yesterday. I ran 2 miles to my favorite trail, walked the 2 mile loop, and ran 2 miles home. It was pretty overcast so I figured I'd get caught in the rain but it only sprinkled a bit. The watch is waterproof up to 50 meters so it would have been fine. Timex1


Off topic; I may have to switch out of the new Puma's I originally loved. I've been getting killer shin splints again! I know they are bad when I can actually see the knots on my shins forming a few minutes into my run (does anyone else have them so bad you can see them?)


While running the pace on the display is ridiculously sensitive. As in - if I sped up or slowed down for just a few seconds the pace would adjust immediately. The screen was very easy to see while running. When your done you just press pause, and then stop. They have a cute little animation that displays at the end, and confetti that falls if you hit a PR!Timex

Some other features of the watch:

  • Store up to 1,000 songs with 4GB of storage. Just need bluetooth headphones or speakers
  • Send and receive text messages from your watch! No need to bring your phone anymore!
  • Live tracking lets friends or family see where you are, and you can send an SOS signal that will give your exact location (LOVE this)

I've been doing low heart rate training the last few months so I wish I had received a HR monitor strap with the watch. The website says it's compatible with blue tooth heart rate monitors so it's not a huge issue (I checked Amazon and they run about $60.) That's genuinely the only thing I wish was different about the watch.

Do you wear the same watch for different sports?  How important is having a HR monitor on your watch to you?

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